In Episode 34 of Kneel Before Aud, I sit down with stand-up comedian and writer Brock Wilbur. We recorded the podcast just hours after Brock got engaged! We celebrated with wine and whiskey and then talked about some really cool stuff for the next hour.

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Brock is a stand-up comedian, writer, blogger, musician and he also has one of my favorite KBA Nerd Origin Stories of all time—it includes Locutus of Borg and Anamaniacs. We chat about Brock growing up in Kansas, gaming, Star Wars, writing for Inverse.com, making it as a stand up and some of his wild, strange adventures.

Enjoy episode 34 of Kneel Before Aud with the truly fascinating Brock Wilbur and then head on over to Twitter and follow him, here.

~Audrey Kearns

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Audrey Kearns