Tagha’ Ha’ jaj!  A first of its kind Klingon cultural centre has opened its doors in Stockholm, Sweden!  The Stockholm theater, Turteatern, in collaboration with the Klingon Institute of Cultural Exchange have created Visit Qo’noS, a place where humans can experience Klingon culture, tradition, and learn about their customs. 

The travel site, lonelyplanet.com made us aware of this incredible development.  Visitors will be given tourist information upon arrival, like a map of First City.  They’ll also have the opportunity to try Klingon cuisine and see live performances by Klingon ambassadors.  Those performances include “sing-along, opera and adaptation of Romyo je joloywI’ (better known on Earth as Romeo and Juliet).”

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Though this is a place of learning and outreach, travelers be warned.  The Klingon ambassadors, Ban’Shee, Mara, Morath and Klag are all from the House of Duras.  They don’t exactly have the best track record for being nice to humans or the Federation.  According to artistic director, Nils Poletti, the “Klingon Ambassadors feel like the image of themselves spreading through the TV series Star Trek: Discovery is misleading and incorrect.”  So, tread lightly friends.  This is a delicate alliance.

Poletti was reassuring when speaking of visitors’ experiences at the centre.  He said you’ll have the “chance to acquire useful lifesaving tips in your everyday interaction with Klingons and Klingon customs, so that you may plan your holiday to their great empire and the First City on the planet Qo’noS without risking  any discomfort and/or premature death.”

I’m in.  Visit Qo’noS is a non-profit fan fiction project and will run February 3rd to March 24th.  Get more info HERE.


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