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According to Comicbook.com we’ll be seeing King Shark return to the CW to fight some of their DC heroes — but not in Central City, where he first appeared! Instead, he’ll make his way up to Star City where he’ll run into Team Arrow.

The site reports that David Ramsey, at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest this past weekend, confirmed that the giant walking land shark that loves to eat people, will appear in the two-part The Flash and Arrow crossover event. As Ramsey said, “Because we are going to be tracking down a particular member of the Suicide Squad that so happens to be a 14-foot shark.”


Having trouble remembering who we’re talking about? King Shark made his debut very quickly on The Flash in the episode that introduced the new Firestorm into the universe. King Shark appeared at the very end, sent by Zoom from Earth-2 to kill Barry Allen. Barry was then saved by Earth-2’s Harrison Wells who shot King Shark with some energy weapon.

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