Episode 5 of Killjoys on Syfy was a well done take on the sci-fi  ‘trapped by a crazy A.I.’ trope all the while giving the audience some nice reveals into who these three Killjoys really are.

killjoys glitch in the system

Dutch, John and D’avin, decide to do a quick salvage operation when they discover an abandoned ship in an asteroid field. Everybody is all laughs and laid back because this is going to be an easy job – although we know it’s not.

killjoys glitch

The ship turns out to be an abandoned military ship where an experiment with micro-robots went haywire, a ‘Glitch in the System’ if you will. This experiment forces ‘prisoners’ to inhale nanotech and then the ship’s A.I. can torture the prisoners by having the little inhaled robots rip their skin apart from the inside and then heal them and then rip their skin apart again. But like I said, the experiment had a glitch and everyone on the ship is dead.

killjoys d'avin glitch

Now Dutch, John and D’avin are there and D’avin gets himself imprisoned and tortured. The A.I. brilliantly says “Commencing persuasion” when D’avin’s questioning and torture begins. D’avin is in so much pain that he reveals that he killed his entire squad on his last military mission although he doesn’t remember why.

The crew barely escapes to Lucy. Back on Westerly, Pawter looks at D’avin’s brain scan and discovers that he had neural dampeners in his brain (the bad ship’s nanites revealed that) so now he knows that someone out there doesn’t want him to remember what happened the day he killed his squad. D’avin shows his gratefulness to Pawter for this information by having intense, graphic, sexy times with her.

killjoys dutch khylen

Dutch goes to her room on Lucy and Khylen is there. He tells Dutch that she’s gone weak and to get her things – they’re leaving. She complies. Uh-oh.

I’m sure we’ll get some answers on Dutch this Syfy Friday on episode 6, ‘One Blood’ where Dutch must compete against top Killjoys to find an elusive fugitive or her teammates will die. Plus John and D’avin face an old foe.

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