Praise be to Phoebe Waller-Bridge! Well, and BBC America. Our favorite cat-and-mouse thriller Killing Eve now has a new premiere date: April 12th! We learned of the show’s rescheduled release on the Killing Eve Twitter account. Not only that, but the Powers That Be also dropped a delectable full-length trailer! 

Now, in the aforementioned trailer, Villanelle (Jodie Comer) is treating her murder attempt against Eve (Sandra Oh) as a “breakup.” We see her donning a clown costume and, presumably, working at a children’s party. She screams at a cluster of children at said party. In another shot, Villanelle is whipping open the windows of her opulent mansion and bursting with song. By all accounts, she appears to have moved on from her obsession with Eve. That is, until Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) informs her that Eve is alive. We also see shots of Eve picking up the pieces of her life post-assassination attempt. Villanelle recommences her coy games with Eve. There’s even a shot of her leaving a sinister voicemail for Eve. At least we can expect clever mind games aplenty between our two leads. 

In addition, we see Kenny (Sean Delaney) return to give Eve his two cents: he doesn’t think she seems very happy. Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) reveals that Villanelle is back in town. Naturally, Eve’s obsession with Villanelle is reignited. There’s action shots galore featuring Villanelle in various disguises, brandishing weapons and getting into fisticuffs. Eve resisting the temptation to pursue her but eventually relenting. All in all, this is a solid trailer. 

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Below, you can watch the Killing Eve Season 3 trailer for yourself. My expectations were already high, but this snippet has them skyrocketing to infinity and beyond. This series has never disappointed. It’s never had a tepid season opener. Killing Eve is an aficionado when it comes to reinvention – each season feels like a fresh start; a new chapter rife for exploration. The incessant push-and-pull dynamic between Eve and Villanelle makes this a show worth watching – aside from the brilliant writing and nuanced performances, of course. 

Killing Eve returns for Season 3 Sunday April 12th at 9pm on your BBC America affiliate. 


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