DISCLAIMER: This recap of the Killing Eve episode “A Rainbow in Beige Boots” has spoilers. Proceed at your peril. 

Welcome back, assassins! Killing Eve‘s third outing, “A Rainbow in Beige Boots,” boasts some fun moments and a few thrills, but, overall, it slightly underwhelms. Villanelle’s arrest did come as a surprise; however, something tells me she won’t stay locked away for long. 

For me, Killing Eve thrives because of the brilliant character dynamics between the four leads. You take that away, and it’s not as interesting. I miss seeing Villanelle and Konstantin together or even Eve and Carolyn’s interactions. I like Pam, but it also feels late in the game to introduce new characters. 

That said, the ending seems promising, and I think we’ll see the tables turn with next week’s episode. 

Ready to dig deep into “A Rainbow in Beige Boots”? Let’s get to it. 

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We open with Villanelle (Jodie Comer) disguised in a hotel maid’s uniform, weaseling her way into Eve’s room. Eve (Sandra Oh) finds Villanelle freshly showered and robed on her bed. Surprise! Villanelle tells Eve she needs help and asks if she can spend the night. Eve encourages Villanelle to take what she needs. However, Eve wants our fave assassin gone by the time she returns. 

Next, Eve meets with Yusuf (Robert Gilbert), and the pair brainstorms their next move. Eve has a lead, so they partake in a rousing game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to see who gets to chase it. Paper always wins!

Pam (Anjana Vasan) embalms a gentleman in the morgue and, afterward, has a rough encounter with her brother Elliot (Manpreet Bachu). He’s a bit of a d-bag, isn’t he?

Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) and Vlad (Laurentiu Possa) discuss the latest slew of murders as three suspected members of The Twelve wind up dead. Villanelle visits Martin (Adeel Akhtar) for an impromptu therapy session. Against his will, of course. She talks about how crappy she feels. 

Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 3 A Rainbow in Beige Boots

Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri – Killing Eve _ Season 4, Episode 3, “A Rainbow in Beige Boots” – Anika Molnar/BBCA

Eve tails one of Hélène’s former flames, Fernanda (Monica Lopera). Eve feigns despair, pretending she’s in the middle of breaking up with her girlfriend while on the phone. From there, Fernanda and Eve bond over women who destroy lives. They decide to get coffee together. Eve tells Fernanda her name is Nicole — a presumed nod to Niko. 

Meanwhile, Hélène (Camille Cottin) buys ice cream for her and Pam. Pam claims she’s ready for her first assignment, but Hélène isn’t so sure about that. 

Fernanda asks Eve to describe her ex, and it’s abundantly clear that Eve refers to Villanelle here. 

Villanelle lays on Martin’s couch while he conducts the therapy session, asking her why she feels like crap. Villanelle reveals she killed two people the previous night, which didn’t make her feel great. 

Later, Pam is through with Elliot’s rudeness. He threatens Pam and tosses her about, forcing her hand. Pam grabs a scalpel and repeatedly stabs Elliot in the back with it. 

Next, Fernanda spills the beans regarding her uber-powerful ex-husband, even though she has no idea what he does. When Fernanda uses the restroom, Eve snaps a photo of the former’s ID. She rummages through Fernanda’s purse, finding a newspaper featuring Villanelle’s face on the front page for murdering Phil and May. Eve quickly departs. 

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Villanelle and Martin munch on what appears to be Lunchables, and Martin praises Villanelle for caring about being branded a psychopath. Then, he declares the session over, which irritates Villanelle. 

Meanwhile, Pam informs Hélène about killing her brother and embalming him in the aftermath. Hélène scolds Pam for going against her orders.

Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 3 A Rainbow in Beige Boots

Anjana Vasan as Pam – Killing Eve _ Season 4, Episode 3, “A Rainbow in Beige Boots” – Anika Molnar/BBCA

Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) cheerily greets his employees while putting on his big boy political shoes. After receiving delectable sausages, Konstantin gets a phone call from someone presumably pulling him back into the assassin business. 

Carolyn receives a briefing about a new murder case that might lead her to Scotland in pursuit of the elusive Twelve killer. Yusuf makes a breakthrough in he and Eve’s investigation, revealing the name of Fernanda’s ex-husband: Lars Meier. 

Later, Carolyn tells Vlad about the Scotland thread, but he wants her to travel to Cuba instead. A Russian agent was tortured there — the would-be assassin cut off the man’s toes and stuffed them in his nose. Ouch. 

Eve arrives at her hotel room to find an exchange between Villanelle and Martin on her tablet. Well, Villanelle masquerading as Eve. She races toward his home. 

Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 3 A Rainbow in Beige Boots

Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri – Killing Eve _ Season 4, Episode 3, “A Rainbow in Beige Boots” – Photo Credit: Anika Molnar/BBCA

Then, we see Martin bound to a lounge chair outside while Villanelle lays beside him, soaking up the UV rays. Martin asks Villanelle why she loves Eve, and Villanelle bears her soul at that moment. She calls Eve “a rainbow in beige boots.” How sweet. 

Suddenly, Eve arrives, so Villanelle grabs Martin by the neck and holds him hostage. Martin begins to fall unconscious. Eve orders Villanelle to drop him, but she inadvertently gives Martin a concussion when he hits his head on a table. 

After ensuring Martin’s alive, Eve throws a blanket on him and sits with Villanelle. Eve asks Villanelle if she knows The Scorpion and the Frog. Villanelle believes Eve’s the scorpion since she can’t change her nature. Yusuf sends Eve a text with the word “Incoming,” and we see police arrive on the scene. They arrest Villanelle, carting her away. 

Meanwhile, Hélène asks Konstantin to keep watch over Pam and train her. No more politics for him! 

Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 3 A Rainbow in Beige Boots

Anjana Vasan as Pam – Killing Eve _ Season 4, Episode 3, “A Rainbow in Beige Boots” – Anika Molnar/BBCA

Later, Eve calls Hélène and gives her an update — she has a name for a high-ranking member of The Twelve. However, Eve will only disclose said name over dessert. 

Lastly, we see Villanelle in her jumpsuit, making herself at home in her cozy cell. Sorry, baby!

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Konstantin mentoring Pam should be entertaining, especially given how vastly different she is from Villanelle. Eve and Hélène’s partnership spells danger, notably for Eve. What will Carolyn find in Cuba? If Pam isn’t behind these murders of The Twelve, who is? 

Join me next time while I recap Killing Eve, only on Geek Girl Authority. 

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