~Matt Key

A new Jessica Jones teaser came out this morning and it is the best, most revealing one yet. It’s the first one to show us Jessica Jones, played by Krysten Ritter, and the first one where we hear David Tennant’s voice as Kilgrave!

In it, we see Jessica Jones putting photos up on a wall, a look of concern and fear on her face, all while the voice of Kilgrave bounces around in her head, almost teasing her. Finally, she leaves her office, Alias Investigations, and we see that all of the pictures she was putting up created the face of Kilgrave, staring back at her.

It’s a truly menacing teaser and perhaps our best look yet at the foreboding sort of tone the series will possess. It also gives us an idea of exactly what sort of role David Tennant as Kilgrave, Purple Man in the comics, will play. In the comics, he can bend your will so that you do whatever he says. It remains unclear if they’ll keep his power the exact same for the series, but it appears that he might have some element of telepathy to his character since he “knows everything.”


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