This article was originally published on 3/8/22.

Inspirational women can be found across all forms of media and within different worlds. One, in particular, is DC’s Batman franchise. While we typically hear about the Dark Knight himself or his plethora of Robins, some of my personal inspirations come from the women within the franchise. So, for International Women’s Day 2022, I am celebrating by sharing five of my favorite kickass ladies of the Batman franchise that have found their home in Gotham at one point in time or another.

DISCLAIMER: The following post may contain spoilers for the Batman franchise.

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Kicking off our list of kickass ladies within the Batman franchise is Kate Kane’s Batwoman. Throughout the years, we have seen the red-headed cape crusader fight crime on her own and alongside other members of the Batfamily. Kate can kick some serious villain tush and still fill the role of a socialite during the day. But most importantly, Kate brings us both Jewish and LGBTQ+ representation to the franchise.

DC's Batwoman from New 52

Barbara Gordon

Could we talk about kickass ladies from the Batman franchise without talking about Barbara Gordon? Of course not! Whether she is donning the cowl as Batgirl or helping the others as Oracle, she is a certified badass. Barbara has worked alongside Batman, the Robins, Birds of Prey and has even fought crime on her own. When faced with losing the ability to walk, she turned to her brains to help fight crime. We can’t wait for her to shine in the upcoming Batgirl film!


Stephanie Brown

Stephanie Brown has filled her fair share of roles within the Batman franchise. She took up the mantle of the amateur crime-fighter Spoiler before briefly becoming Robin and Batgirl. Most recently in the New 52 run, Stephanie has slipped back into her role as Spoiler. She has been through a lot throughout the years, but none of that can take away from the fact that Stephanie can kick some major villain tush. In fact, she is the only character to serve as both a Robin and Batgirl.

Stephanie Brown as Spoiler

Cassandra Cain

If your parents were two of the greatest assassins within the DC universe, chances are you are going to be pretty kickass too. And this couldn’t be more true for Cassandra Cain. She has served as Batgirl, Black Bat and Orphan over the years but no matter what mantle she takes one thing is certain – she’s freaking awesome. Outside of her fighting skills, Cassandra has the incredible ability to interpret body language since she doesn’t speak which makes you think she can read your thoughts.

DC's Cassandra Cain


Of all the kickass ladies within the Batman franchise we want to celebrate for International Woman’s Day 2022, Catwoman is one of the most notable. The feline femme fatale has been gracing the pages since the beginning. Selina Kyle serves more as an anti-hero within the franchise, sometimes facing off against the Batfamily while fighting with them at other times. However, we know that with skills like hers, we would rather have Catwoman on our side than against us.

DC's Catwoman

This article was originally published in March 2022. 

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