DISCLAIMER: This recap of the season finale episode of Kevin Can F Himself is laden with spoilers. You’ve been warned. Proceed at your own peril. 

Welcome back, jaded sitcom characters! It’s hard to believe that we’ve reached the season finale of Kevin Can F Himself! “Fixed” managed to tie a few loose ends while presenting new questions for a potential second season. As always, Annie Murphy and Mary Hollis Inboden steered the ship with their powerhouse performances.

However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how impressed I am with Inboden. I hadn’t seen her in anything before Kevin Can F Himself, and I’m blown away. She churned out tour de force work this season. I may get flack for this, but I think her overall performance surpassed Murphy. 

Ready to delve into “Fixed”? Let’s get to it. 

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We open at the police station with a nervous Patty (Inboden). Allison (Murphy) emerges post-police interrogation. Both appear to be frazzled. Tammy (Candice Coke) urges Allison to stick around should they need her for more questioning. Suddenly, we see Kevin (Eric Petersen) arrive, completely unscathed from the previous night’s scuffle. 

Apparently, Kevin shot Nick. Not only that, but the hospital pulled the plug on him. So, Kevin actually killed someone. Tammy discloses to the trio that she’ll search Nick’s house for anything suspicious. Or at least a motive for breaking into Kevin and Allison’s house. 

Later, Pete (Brian Howe) and Neil (Alex Bonifer) are at the McRoberts residence when our trio comes home. Kevin is all out of sorts. No amount of potty humor can alleviate his pain. After Kevin goes to sleep and the other dudes depart, Allison and Patty have a chat. 

Next, our dynamic duo hatches a plan. Tammy’s still on the hunt for the town drug dealer. Allison suggests they plant the pill bottle and cash in Nick’s house to “give” Tammy a motive. Frame him as the elusive dealer. It’s so outlandish it might just work. 

Still of Annie Murphy in the Kevin Can F Himself episode "Fixed."

Annie Murphy as Allison – Kevin Can F*** Himself _ Season 1, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Jojo Whilden/AMC.

Then, Allison and Patty break into Nick’s shabby residence. They plant the bottle and money. However, Allison notices Nick’s packed bag, which indicates his now-defunct plans to skip town. She proceeds to unpack his bag. Unfortunately, they’re interrupted when Nick’s aunt enters the fray.

Patty hurriedly goes outside and pretends to be “stopping by” to check on the bereaved. This gives Allison a chance to finish the job and flee the scene. That’s when Patty learns about Nick’s real status: he’s alive. His life is precariously hanging in the balance after they pulled the plug, but he’s alive nonetheless. Uh oh. 

Meanwhile, Kevin goes to the local pub to elevate his spirits. Get it? Anyway, the bartender and patrons catch wind of his heroic act. He protected his family by shooting Nick! He’s a town hero! Drinks are on the house. “Somber Kevin” makes way for “Childish Kevin.”

Later, Allison and Patty are walking home after the close call at Nick’s place. Patty relays the info regarding Nick. Patty celebrates the fact they pulled it off. However, Allison is reticent. How do they know for sure their plan to frame Nick will work? What if he wakes up and pins the whole shebang on them? Allison beseeches Patty to check Tammy’s notebook. She wants to ensure that Tammy doesn’t think of her as a suspect. 

Then, Allison and Patty arrive to find that Kevin’s no longer blue. He’s back, baby! Kevin has discovered his purpose in life — he’s going to run for office. The following day, Kevin, Pete and Neil are hard at work gathering supporters for Kevin’s campaign. Allison answers the door. Sam (Raymond Lee) is on the other side. 

Still of Raymond Lee and Annie Murphy in the Kevin Can F Himself episode "Fixed."

Annie Murphy as Allison, Raymond Lee as Sam – Kevin Can F*** Himself _ Season 1, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Jojo Whilden/AMC.

He’s here to apologize! Sam realizes that Allison was trying to do the right thing by putting the kibosh on their affair. He’s also worried sick about her since he learned of the break-in. In the heat of a charged moment, Allison kisses him. That’s when Sam reveals he broke up with Jenn. Allison decides it’s high time she chose Sam. Maybe they can run away together!

Unfortunately, Kevin barges in and ruins the tender moment. He needs a place to hold his rally, and Sam’s diner will have to do. Sam acquiesces, much to Allison’s annoyance. 

Meanwhile, Tammy and Patty are at the latter’s salon. Business is dead. Not a soul to be seen. Patty suggests they attend Kevin’s rally at Bev’s Diner that night. It’s sure to be a hoot! However, Tammy confesses that she doesn’t like Allison. She gets a bad vibe from our lead. When Tammy goes to the bathroom, Patty discreetly rummages through the former’s notebook. She’ll do anything for Allison. 

Next, we’re at the diner for the rally. Kevin and Pete are attempting to brainstorm a campaign slogan but to no avail. Allison arrives, and she’s not happy to be there. Pete and Kevin urge her to be “ladylike.” If she’s going to be the wife of a politician, a larger-than-life public figure, then she needs to act like one. Whatever that misogynistic crap means. 

Then, Allison rushes outside in a rage. She tries to call Patty, but the latter isn’t answering. Sam finds her by the dumpsters. Allison proceeds to vent about Kevin. The world is made for guys like Kevin, Neil and Pete. Everyone must cater to their every whim. She has a point. This point is the crux of Kevin Can F Himself. It perfectly encapsulates this show. Middle-aged white men are meant to succeed while everyone else fails.

Allison makes the grave mistake of saying that “giving up” would be running away with Sam. Of course, we know it’s merely a poor choice of words. Poorly arranged words, at that.

Still of Mary Hollis Inboden and Annie Murphy in the Kevin Can F Himself episode "Fixed."

Annie Murphy as Allison, Mary Hollis Inboden as Patty – Kevin Can F*** Himself _ Season 1, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Jojo Whilden/AMC.

However, Sam implies that he can “save” Allison, which reasserts his opinion of her last week — that she’s “broken.” I’m not a fan of the savior complex either. Allison wants to be accepted for who she is, warts and all. She’s tired of trying to be “better.” Hear, hear! She storms off. 

After calling Kevin a “dick” in front of everyone, Allison heads home. Patty left to purchase cigarettes. Kurt (Sean Clements) wanders into the salon to find Tammy sitting there. Kurt learns that Patty’s dating Tammy now. He reveals he’s always had lingering questions he’s wanted to ask her. But he knows he’ll never get a straight answer. Perhaps Tammy will have better luck! You know, since she’s a cop. 

Later, Allison enters her residence. Patty’s waiting for her. She’s incensed. Patty divulges that she dug through Tammy’s notebook. Tammy doesn’t even consider Allison to be a suspect — just annoying. Meek. Mild. Everything that she actually isn’t. Patty can’t believe Allison asked her to betray her girlfriend. She asserts that Allison knew about her relationship with Tammy. This scene is so brutal. Inboden is a force. 

Allison reminds her that this is what they do. They do horrible things for each other. When it looks like Allison might confess her true feelings (platonic or otherwise) for Patty, she shuts down. Patty leaves in a huff. 

Still of Alex Bonifer and Annie Murphy in the Kevin Can F Himself episode "Fixed."

Annie Murphy as Allison, Alex Bonifer as Neil – Kevin Can F*** Himself _ Season 1, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Jojo Whilden/AMC.

Next, Allison heads into her kitchen to cool off. Suddenly, Neil falls out of the closet. He claims he heard everything — all of Allison’s conversation with Patty. He recorded it too. Perhaps he isn’t so dense after all. Allison denies it. Then, she attempts to wrestle Neil’s phone out of his hands. 

That’s when Neil puts his hands around Allison’s throat and squeezes. Thankfully, Patty swoops in and thwacks her brother over the head with a glass bottle. The oversaturated colors of the sitcom world fade away to the bleak, darkened reality in which they live. Even Neil’s part of it now! He’s bleeding. Patty asserts that he won’t say anything to Kevin regarding what he heard. Not a peep. Allison and Patty clasp hands. 

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“Fixed” is a solid season finale that packs a punch, notably the last six minutes. From a narrative standpoint, Kevin Can F Himself took a while to build up steam. However, these last two episodes catapulted the story to new heights. My only worry is I don’t think this show’s premise was made for sustainability. It’s not feasible for Allison and Patty to spend six seasons trying to kill one physically unfit dude. 

In a way, Allison reminds me of a horror movie character. Every time I know she’s about to make a stupid decision, I scream at the TV. It would have been so easy for her to choose Sam. There wouldn’t be a need for the series, though. Regardless, I’m game for a Season Two, should the network decide to renew it.

To me, Kevin Can F Himself was carried on the backs of Murphy and Inboden. It was fun to watch Allison and Patty’s relationship unfold in all of its complexities and hues. Admittedly, I thought Allison was going to confess deeper feelings for Patty toward the end. We’ll see where that train goes. 

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