DISCLAIMER: This recap of the Kevin Can F Himself episode “Broken” is laden with spoilers. You’ve been warned. Proceed at your own peril. 

Welcome back, jaded sitcom characters! We’ve reached penultimate episode territory for Kevin Can F Himself. “Broken” catapults the narrative to new heights, especially with that ending! Holy cliffhanger, Batman! This episode’s uniqueness lies in its presentation. “Broken” doesn’t unravel in a linear fashion, which is a first for Kevin Can F Himself.

Once again, Annie Murphy and Mary Hollis Inboden churn in star-making performances. If they’re not showered in accolades, then was it even all worth it?

Ready to delve into “Broken”? Let’s get to it. 

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Now, we open with Allison (Murphy) and Nick (Robin Lord Taylor). Allison instructs Nick to do the deed whenever she’s out of town the following weekend. Regardless of how he kills Kevin, he must make the incident appear to be a robbery. He could even steal stuff if he wants! Nick stares at her with incredulity. He can’t believe that someone has the gall to tell him how to commit murder!

Next, Nick is at his busboy job at the Grand Victorian. He gets in a scuffle with an employee, which results in him shoving the latter into a hot grill. Nick’s boss fires him, but at least gives him a day to sort his affairs prior to his parole officer learning about the news.

Still of Robin Lord Taylor in the Kevin Can F Himself episode "Broken."

Robin Lord Taylor as Nick- Kevin Can F*** Himself _ Season 1, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Zach Dilgard/AMC

Back at his house, Nick proceeds to pack. He receives a phone call. Nick informs the mystery person on the other end that their plans have changed. They’re skipping town that night. But first … he has to do something (A murder!). 

Then, we see Allison is sitting in the police station. Tammy (Candice Coke) and her partner are questioning Allison about the incident. She calls it the “shooting.” This is after Nick’s done the job. Just as Allison divulges her relationship to Kevin, the scene seamlessly transitions to one that unfurled four days ago. 

Patty (Inboden) is helping Allison prepare for the latter’s inevitable interrogation with the police. She urges Allison to take this seriously. Allison must play the part of a grieving widow. She has to cover her tracks. Oh, and Patty knows all about Allison’s steamy affair with Sam. Engaging in something like that is enough to pique the curiosity of the authorities. It gives Allison a motive. This scene is top-notch, and Murphy and Inboden are magical together. 

Next, Allison and Sam (Raymond Lee) are getting it on. Allison abruptly puts the kibosh on their tryst, citing that she loves Kevin. She wants to mend her marriage. Sam is in disbelief. He accuses Allison of being “broken,” even after she notes that both of them are miserable people. Miserable people who are trying to feel something. 

Later, Allison is at the local fertility clinic with her gynecologist. She’s getting tests done to see if she’s fertile, or if she needs a little assistance in order to have children. Not with Kevin, of course. The camera pans to Allison as she regales the doctor with a story about her wedding day.

It’s a silly tale that actually paints Kevin in a good light. It’s clear that Allison is harboring reservations and overall fear regarding Kevin’s impending death. This scene should be Annie Murphy’s Emmys submission. Full stop. Afterward, Allison wants to ensure that her visit will stay under wraps. She swipes a pregnancy pamphlet on the way out. 

Still of Annie Murphy in the Kevin Can F Himself episode "Broken."

Annie Murphy as Allison – Kevin Can F*** Himself _ Season 1, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Jojo Whilden/AMC

Meanwhile, we see another moment from Allison’s police interrogation. Tammy is asking about what happened after the event. Allison mentions Patty, which gives Tammy pause. After Allison recites Patty’s full name for police records, we see a scene between Patty and Tammy play out. 

Now, the pair are in a painting class. Neither of them is enjoying it. Tammy and Patty ditch the class. While standing outside of Patty’s residence, Patty asks Tammy if they can slow things down in terms of their relationship. This is all new to her. Patty confesses that she’s never had feelings for another woman before. Always direct, Tammy tells Patty that if she’s the right person, this should be easy. Tammy silently leaves Patty alone on the sidewalk. 

Later, Patty finds Kevin (Eric Petersen), Neil (Alex Bonifer) and Pete (Brian Howe) in the middle of band practice. Kevin has found his true calling: rock musician. “Jenny McCarthy Tank Top” is the name of their band, even though Jenny McCarthy‘s tank top doesn’t make an appearance. Patty assumes she’ll be playing the tambourine, but the guys don’t want any gals hindering their path to inevitable stardom. 

Then, Patty joins Allison upstairs. Allison is sobbing in the bathtub while clutching a wine bottle. Hey, we’ve all been there. Allison feels “broken,” just as Sam described her. She’s been a nervous wreck all week. Clearly, Kevin’s approaching death day has greatly impacted her.

Patty reveals that Allison should stay “broken,” since she enjoys being around the latter now. Watching this friendship blossom is the highlight of Kevin Can F Himself. What a sweet scene. 

Next, Patty’s time with Allison catalyzes her desire to be with Tammy. She knocks on Tammy’s door and gives our detective a smooch. Patty chooses her. Yay! I’m so glad that Patty didn’t string Tammy along. 

Back at the police station, Tammy asks Allison whether Kevin had any enemies. Neil does have a connection to the shooter. But Allison refutes this, citing that Neil isn’t that kind of person. 

Still of Candice Coke in the Kevin Can F Himself episode "Broken."

Candice Coke as Tammy, Kevin Chapman as Bob Bram- Kevin Can F*** Himself _ Season 1, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Jojo Whilden/AMC

Meanwhile, Neil finds Patty’s painting from the aforementioned class in the trashcan. Cool, a wicked album cover for Jenny McCarthy Tank Top! However, Neil’s mood takes a nosedive when he finds a pregnancy pamphlet underneath it. The same one that Allison discarded. 

Then, Neil barges in on Patty and Tammy enjoying cups of coffee. He wedges himself between the two and asks Tammy for interrogation tips. He wants to question Kevin regarding that pregnancy pamphlet. Tammy imparts sage wisdom and law enforcement tricks. Neil feels ready to interrogate his best bud. 

Later, Neil heads over to Kevin’s abode. While Neil fails on the interrogation front, he does bring the pamphlet to Kevin’s attention. Kevin never wanted to have kids. They get to sleep all day. How’s that fair? That being said, it might be good to test the waters. Make sure his bees are in prime condition. 

Next, at the station, Tammy inquires about Allison’s day pre-shooting. She worked at Bev’s Diner, for starters. We see a flashback to that morning. Thick tension lingers between Sam and Allison. However, Sam believes they can still be friends. He asks her what’s wrong. Allison brushes him off, though. 

Now, we get a rare glimpse into Sam’s home life. Sam finds his wife, Jenn (Meghan Leathers), having dinner with her parents. After they leave, Jenn and Sam have a conversation riddled with terse replies and heavy-handed retorts. Apparently, Jenn’s parents helped pay for Sam’s acquisition of Bev’s Diner. They incessantly lord it over his head. After Jenn refers to him as a “project,” Sam storms out. 

Still of Raymond Lee in the Kevin Can F Himself episode "Broken."

Annie Murphy as Allison, Raymond Lee as Sam – Kevin Can F*** Himself _ Season 1, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Jojo Whilden/AMC

Meanwhile, Kevin and Neil are at the fertility clinic. Kevin’s going to test his sperm to figure out if he’s able to procreate. Back at the McRoberts residence, we learn that yes, Kevin’s sperms are more than a-okay. He’s got an incredible motility rate! Thus, he wants to be Daddy Kevin. Allison is flabbergasted. She doesn’t want to bear his children. Thankfully, she won’t have to. 

Later, Kevin arrives home after a successful karaoke session with Jenny McCarthy Tank Top. Allison’s in bed. Kevin is feeling frisky and he wants to pop a bun in Allison’s oven. Suddenly, we hear something fragile break. Nick’s in the house. But he’s too early! Allison braces herself for the impending murder.

Kevin procures a gun that he found in Neil’s backyard. It’s the same one Patty acquired in Vermont. He heads downstairs to confront the intruder a.k.a. Nick. We hear a gunshot, but the camera solely focuses on Allison’s stunned reaction. 

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Overall, “Broken” is the show’s strongest episode yet. I love the nonlinear format. The transitions from Allison’s questioning in the police station to the flashbacks are seamless and brilliantly done. Additionally, everyone brings their A-game on the performance front, notably Murphy and Inboden. 

That cliffhanger will surely drive viewers wild for the next week! My theory is that Kevin shot Nick first, hence why Tammy refers to the incident as the “shooting” and not Kevin’s death. Nick could have potentially died, and Kevin may get off without a hitch due to “self-defense.” 

Regardless, it would make sense for Kevin to survive, especially if the show snags a second season. I’m curious to see if they’ll drop the sitcom format in the finale to create a more somber tone. I’m invested, folks. Bring it on!

The season finale of Kevin Can F Himself will air next Sunday at 9 pm on AMC and will stream on AMC Plus. 

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