Black Panther is the highly anticipated film coming from Marvel next month and it just got even better. We learned that rapper Kendrick Lamar wrote and produced songs for the upcoming film. And not only that, but we get a first listen to one of the songs from the album. And if this song is any indication of the rest of the album produced by Lamar and Top Dawg Entertainment, we’re in for some great music.

Released on YouTube this morning, “All the Stars” features Lamar and rising R&B singer SZA as another team-up from the duo. The song has more of SZA’s dreamy voice than Lamar’s rapping, but the smooth beat makes for easy listening and a lot of replay value. (I would know, I’ve replayed it about 15 times already). It’s one of Lamar’s more radio-friendly pop songs that he’s produced but it’s certainly not a bad thing. And this song is one of 14 that Lamar has made in collaboration with director Ryan Coogler. Marvel released a tweet announcing the song and album. “Kendrick Lamar, Anthony Tiffith, and Top Dawg Entertainment will curate and produce Black Panther: The Album, Music from and Inspired by the Film” including lead single “All the Stars” by SZA”.

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It’s unknown at this time how many songs will be in the film and how many songs will be inspired by the film but I am 1000% on board. And lucky for us, Kendrick Lamar is also in board. In a press release he stated his excitement on the film.

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther is amazing, from its cast to its director. The magnitude of this film showcases a great marriage of art and culture. I’m truly honored to contribute my knowledge of producing sound and writing music alongside Ryan and Marvel’s vision.

I will go so far as to say this is one of the best team-ups of music and film. Lamar is a poet with a brilliant production team creating incredible songs. This first song also tickles my curiosity when the song will play in the film. The credits? In a moment between T’Challa and Nakia? We have a little more than a month to find out. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the soundtrack! 

Check out the song below and let us know what you think!

Black Panther: The Album will be available on February 9th, a week before the release of the film with Black Panther coming out February 16th



Erin Lynch