We’re suckers over here at GGA for James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. The long running bit on The Late Late Show seems specifically designed to plaster smiles on faces. And it works. Every time. 

Part of the charm of Carpool Karaoke is that Corden is truly a fan of music and of the guests that sit in his car. The latest edition certainly serves that truth. This time around, Kelly Clarkson is helping Corden get to work AKA just driving around and singing. One of my favorite things about Carpool Karaoke is when mega superstar singers do a double take as Corden sings or harmonizes. He’s just so good (to this day, Adele has the best reaction). Clarkson definitely has her ‘damn’ moment with Corden during a slow song. 

The video is joyful, Clarkson truly is mega-talent with a magnetic personality and she and Corden shine together. They are having a blast which makes the viewer giggle while sharing their experience. There’s a hilarious moment when Corden decides to give Clarkson and her manager husband, Brandon Blackstock, some romantic alone time. It even had Corden breaking with laughter. 

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If anything, after watching this I’m going to take on the world today with my new mantra, “I’m a strong, bad-ass chick with classic confidence.” That was my ‘damn’ moment.