Let us mourn what we could’ve had, GLOW fans. Kate Nash, who played Rhonda “Britannica” Richardson on the critically lauded and audience-beloved Netflix series, took to Twitter to share four behind-the-scenes photos from what little the crew shot of the now-dead Season 4. 

GLOW ran for three seasons from 2017-2019. Weeks after the third season debuted on the streamer in August 2019, Netflix granted the series a fourth and final season. However, the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered the show in the early stages of production. Then, in the fall of 2020, Netflix decided to pull the plug. Variety cites that overseeing a safe production was the primary concern, along with budgetary constraints. Thankfully, all of the series regulars received payments for the entire season. 

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Season 3 of the ’80s wrestling series found our ladies taking up residence in Las Vegas for a nightly show. Debbie (Betty Gilpin) purchased a television network, which she informs Ruth (Alison Brie) about in the season finale. She asks Ruth to direct the new GLOW show on said network. 

Nash posted the above-mentioned images with captions that read, “The GLOW season ya never saw … I’m havin’ a real memory lane moment ok … let me live!” and “Our ropes have never been pinker.” The first photo features Nash dressed as a mermaid. The second image showcases Nash with co-stars Ellen Wong as Jenny Chey, Jackie Tohn as Melanie Rosen and Rebekka Johnson as Dawn Rivecca. The third pic has our gals posing in the ring (With pink ropes!), with Sydelle Noel as Cherry Bang, Wong, Tohn, Johnson and Kimmy Gatewood as Stacey Beswick facing forward. 

The final image features Sunita Mani as Arthie Premkumar and Kia Stevens as Tammé Dawson while they sit on pink bleachers. 

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I’m still upset, nearly three years later, that Netflix backtracked on its renewal decision. There aren’t many large TV ensembles comprised solely of women. They also had more women working behind the camera than most shows on the air. Give us our ending, you cowards! 

Check out the BTS photos below. We can lament our loss together, GLOW fans. 


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