I’m a collector, I have a problem.  If I had unlimited funds and a house large enough to display them, I would own so much more than I do now.  As it stands, I own more than I can actually display.  You collectors out there, you know what I mean.  Today Hot Toys unveiled a new figure I’m trying to talk myself into/ out of buying; Rogue One‘s Jyn Erso.

Sideshow and Hot Toys bring to us a sixth scale collectible figure based on the appearance of Felicity Jones as our rebel heroine.  As with all Hot Toys, the figure is highly articulated and comes with a multi piece costume, detailed weapons including a blaster pistol, fighting baton, E-11 blaster rifle, and a specially designed stand with the Star Wars logo.  In addition to all of that there are interchangeable parts including different hands, costume pieces, and accessories.

Jyn is available in two versions, regular and deluxe.  The price points aren’t that different, the regular version will set you back $219.99 before tax and the deluxe version will set you back $249.99.  It’s a difference of $30, and for that little bit extra you get so much more.  More articles of clothing, more accessories, and more weapons.  So it really depends on how much you plan on playing dress up with Jyn or if you are content to have her in her standard costume.

The figure is for pre-order only, arriving sometimes between July and September of 2017.  There is a payment plan available if you so choose.  Head here to check out all the details and place your order.  Could be a great gift for that Star Wars fan in your life, or a way to treat yourself.

Stephanie Cookies
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