Between Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League, November absolutely cannot get here soon enough. Alas, it’s still a little over three months away, so let’s all remain calm, shall we.

In the meantime, Justice League has taken to updating their twitter page with a little tease about the Silver Age speedster, Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash, as played by Ezra Miller, who’s reprising his role originally established in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


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The Flash’s origin story, in the comics, is that he’s a CSI detective and, while mixing some chemicals in his crime lab, Detective Allen was struck by lightning and suddenly able to run super fast. Like, lightning fast. Like with all comics, they expanded the story, developed the concept of the “Speed Force” that Allen is actually able to tap into, built him a museum in the future, discovered that he can run so fast he can go through time and break dimensional barriers — but it all started with him being struck by lightning while mixing chemicals.

We’ve later seen this same origin story explored in the WB Animated shows and movies then later seen on CW’s The Flash TV show. Now, it appears they are keeping with this same origin story for the DC Extended Universe. As the tweet they posted reads, “After an electric storm, Barry Allen was never the same.” We have the tweet posted below for you to to take a gander at for yourself.

This is not surprising in the least. After all, it is the classic Barry Allen origin story, so why do anything different. It’s likely that we may not see too much of his actual origin story in Justice League as that film also has Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Cyborg in it, so showing his origin story would potentially put pressure on the other heroes to show their origin stories which would only slow the story down. It’s more likely we’ll see their origin stories fleshed out in their solo films, which are all still in development except for Aquaman, which is wrapping production soon.

But, we won’t know any of that for certain until November. We’ll just have to settle for gifs, tweets and occasional PR stories for now.

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