We just got a slew of new clips from Justice League and we have quite a bit to talk about. 5 new clips show the team meeting Gordon, a battle against Steppenwolf, Batman talking to Flash, Wonder Woman rescuing children and finally Bruce Wayne reflecting on their need of Superman/Clark Kent. Let’s break them down.

When Gordon meets the team, it’s just three of them. Batman approaches first and Danny Elfman‘s 1989 Batman theme weaves through. I may or may not have grinned and clapped a bit. Wonder Woman and Flash join him in what I believe was their lineup up till this point. They discuss the abduction of 9 people, including Silas Stone. A fact brought to them by Cyborg, which makes Wonder Woman smile. We can deduce that this is Cyborg’s official acceptance into being a part of the team. They figure out that the parademons are abducting people who may know about the motherbox locations. They all leave Gordon (and a leftover Flash) dumbfounded in a clip we’ve seen in the trailers. So we learn what gets them to that water tower but that Batman theme was the stand out. It may or may not have induced squeeing, I’ll just leave it at that.

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Next up we have the battle that we’ve seen countless angles of – the water tank battle. Cyborg takes over Batman’s Night Crawler as we’ve seen in the trailers. But what’s new is Cyborg launching missiles at Steppenwolf. It’s the first time we’ve seen a really good shot of his face. I will say, he looks pretty awful but Ciarán Hinds gives him a wonderfully intimidating voice that also sounds ancient. It’s a really nice touch. Steppenwolf catches the missile in his hand and throws it at the wall, giving way to a flood of water. That’s when Aquaman appears and does his best to fend off the tsunami of water, a shot we’ve seen in the trailers as well. I would also say this is when Aquaman accepts being in the Justice League. 

Flash lays it all out in the next clip, a clip we’ve seen bits of. We’re given a big burst of his personality when he tells Batman that he’s afraid of bugs and guns and “obnoxiously tall people” and murder. Steppenwolf can’t help how tall he is, Flash. This scene is seemingly right outside the water tank where they’re about to battle parademons and the big bad. Flash admits, which we’ve seen in the trailer, that he’s never done battle before. But Batman patiently listens and tells him just to save one person. Don’t talk, don’t fight, just save someone. Then he’ll know what to do. Now I’m going to give full transparency and say Flash is gonna be my favorite part of the film. As a Batman fan, that’s hard to say. But so far Ezra Miller has been killing it. Also if Batman becomes a father-figure to Flash and has him instead of a Robin, that’ll be interesting. We’ll see if that happens.

We’ve been missing out on some Wonder Woman action so now we have it. An extended look at Diana saving children from men in suits with a bomb. The glaring question is who are these men. They’re seemingly followers of Steppenwolf, if not Darkseid. Their leader, played by actor Michael McElhatton of Game of Thones fame, says it’s a way for humanity to start over in the Dark Ages. For “the safety of holy fear”, were going to take that as the New Gods taking over humanity. Wonder Woman has some different ideas though as she knocks out the henchmen before hurling the bomb into the air, letting it explode. In a very obvious cut, we see Wonder Woman protecting the children. The leader doesn’t believe it and asks who she is. “A believer” she replies before knocking her gauntlets together, creating a blast. Going out on a limb, I’m gonna say this is one of, if not the, opening scene of the film. It’s very early days when they see something is amiss.

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Our last clip is a bit of bromance, folks. Bruce Wayne is having a talk with Alfred about his struggles. In a room with Japanese armor (another very nice nod to the ’89 Batman), he admits to Alfred that they need Superman. He’s about to talk about strength but Alfred cuts him off, telling him that strength doesn’t matter, but Bruce Wayne tells him that Superman was more human than he is. Alfred doesn’t reply as Bruce says that Clark needs to lead the team, not him. Not much to gather from this, only that he has a big ol’ Bat-crush on Superman. I’m kidding (or am I?) but he clearly doesn’t want the responsibility in leadership.  

You’ll need to check out the clips for yourself! I like what we’ve been given but I’m still majorly apprehensive about this movie. I don’t wanna get hurt again, DC. Let us know who you’re most looking forward to in the movie and be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more Justice League news. Justice League comes to theaters on November 17th (12 days!)