Justice League is finally out (on digital release)! And with it comes all the little bonus features fans are hoping to see. One of the most popular features are the deleted scenes where fans can see what was cut from the film. Justice League’s deleted scenes show us we almost got the suit we were waiting for.

In the cut scene, Superman (Henry Cavill, moustache-less) has risen from the dead and is still a bit out of sorts. He has a shirt on at least but still no shoes. He’s found his way to the crashed Kryptonian ship, wandering around slowly. He turns down a hall and suits begin to emerge. One is a suit built for Earth’s oxygen, like we had seen Zod (Michael Shannon) use in Man of Steel. Right across from that is the black Superman suit!


Superman only glanced at it in the scene but I was really hoping for it’s appearance! For those who need a little background, the black suit was introduced when Superman came back from the dead in the comics in the ’90s. He was also sporting a mullet with that suit and we got neither! I want a refund, WB! Cavill had teased the black suit on Instagram and now we know it was a super tease. And seeing as the actor is moustache-less, we know this was in the Zack Snyder version of the film. 

Check out the scene below and let us know what you think! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more news in the DC universe. Superman will be flying into blu-ray players with the home release of Justice League on March 26th.


Erin Lynch