Here are some fun, nerdy and truly creative Christmas tree toppers that I found scouring the Google Machine. These are photos of just regular folks’ trees in regular folks’ homes. Enjoy!


In case you wondered what the heck you were supposed to do with the horse head you bought last year because everyone was buying them.

topper 1


topper 9


That X-Wing is headed straight for Lord Vader’s face.

topper 11


topper 15


You know, to scare the children.


topper 21

topper 19


topper 3


topper 5


What the frakk? Are Steve Buscemi tree-toppers a thing?

topper 7


Yes. Yes, I guess they are. 

topper 6

And Castiel? There were so many Castiel tree-toppers on the Internet.

topper 10

topper 20

Yes, That’s a Steve Jobs angel tree-topper. 

topper 18

Well, it makes sense…

topper 17

This is the “A Great Old One Demands Fealty Tree-Topper”

topper 14


topper 12

topper 22

topper 4

topper 8


Audrey Kearns