Is parkour even still a thing? Apparently it is! In this highly amusing video by devinsupertramp, Jurassic World gets the parkour treament. Dinosuits, flips and actual movie sets make this video one to watch.

The video starts with a girl running with a flair being chased by a T-Rex, just like in the film. Only, it’s a T-Rex blow-up suit and his sweet sneakers are showing. From there, we have ridiculousness abound. They recreate scenes with “Owen Grady” flipping and spinning away from the pursuing dinosaur. Even the T-Rex does some awesome flips towards the end! Admittedly, I’m not a fan of parkour, but some of it actually made me laugh out loud at how silly it was. They were even able to film on the set and use a Jurassic Park Jeep – so jealous!

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So if you love dinosaurs, like guys flipping around buildings, or just love seeing guys doing ridiculous things in dino costumes (like I do), check out the video below! Let us know what your favorite part was. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom storms into theaters June 22nd.ย 


Erin Lynch