We are one episode away from the finale of Netflix’s Jupiter’s Legacy and it looks as if we are finally going to be getting some answers to a few of our questions. In the previous episode, Sheldon (Josh Duhamel) and his crew eventually reach the mysterious island after nearly ending up at the bottom of the sea. In the present day, Grace (Leslie Bibb) faces the consequences of the changing world. And things are changing quickly. In episode seven, “Omnes Pro Uno”, Sheldon’s group makes the treacherous trek across the island to an unknown destination. In the present, Walter (Ben Daniels) reaches out to someone from his past for help with diving into the clone’s mind.

Disclaimer: This is a recap and, by nature, will contain spoilers for Jupiter’s Legacy. If you haven’t watched it, I highly suggest you do so. Viewers can find the entire first season here on Netflix.

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“Omnes Pro Uno” opens with Walter, Sheldon, Grace, Fitz (Mike Wade) and Petra (Tenika Davis) are discussing how dangerous it is for Walter to dive into the mind of Blackstar’s (Tyler Mane) clone. Walter is ready to take the risk if it means getting any information about why Skyfox/George (Matt Lanter) made this clone and why. Grace still isn’t ready to stop thinking up ideas to helps them and suggests contacting Raikou, a contact killer. This, of course, sets Sheldon off, but Grace knows that they need her – end of conversation.

Across the world in Tokyo, Raikou (Anna Akana) is on a mission to eliminate a mafia member when Walter gets into her mind. This freezes her in place in the real world while the two talk in his mental world. He asks her to come help, but she has a cost. For one million dollars a day plus expenses, she will assist her father with the mission. That’s right – Raikou is Walter’s kid. With her agreement, he releases her with just enough time to save herself and finish her own job.

In 1929, the crew is getting ready to head to shore. Sheldon is recounting the series of events that led them to this moment with Richard (David Julian Hirsch). Richard is having trouble coming to terms with Sheldon’s whole idea and while he thanks him for saving him, he is going with him. Sheldon gives him a speech about how Richard must be a man who likes to make a difference since he was on a volunteer trip with the Red Cross. Richard lost everything when that ship went down, but there is a gift with loss and that is that they have nothing left to lose.

Up on deck, Sheldon tells Captain Borges (Conrad Coates) that he and his men should stay on the ship and promises to return as soon as they can. Borges gives them three days to return to the boat or get left behind and hands over their sidearms. Richard comes up on deck intending to join the expedition, but he warns Sheldon that they do have something to lose, which is their lives. Sheldon and Richard climb down and join Grace, Walter, Fitz and George as they set off towards the mysterious island.

Chloe in Jupiter's Legacy.

Chloe (Elena Kampouris) in Jupiter’s Legacy. Image courtesy of Netflix.

In the present day, Chloe (Elena Kampouris) and Brandon (Andrew Horton) are watching the coverage of Janna’s (Kara Royster) death. Chloe shares that things didn’t go well the last time she saw her and that she wasn’t in the best place. Brandon, however, is blaming her death on him. Chloe reminds him that no matter what he does, good or bad, someone will die. But Brandon can’t just sit by and not help. He wouldn’t live with himself.

Chloe realizes just how much Brandon sounds like their father. Brandon asks her to come around more when their parents are home and initially, she tells him that it won’t happen. But she does change her mind and tells him that she will give it some thought.

“Omnes Pro Uno” shifts back to 1929 for a quick moment as the group lands on the island. Walter wants to know where exactly they are heading, but Sheldon has no idea. The only thing he knows is that he is leading this charge.

Back in the present, Sheldon argues with Grace about inviting Raikou to the Union. He did not want to seek her out for aid and Grace chose to override him. He views this as dissension, but Grace just sees this as having a differing opinion. Sheldon believes that the Union is becoming more unstable and that the two of them need to show more of a united front.

Grace can’t go with this, not when she doesn’t agree with him. She finally opens up that she thinks that the Code is broken and that the world is changing. Sheldon tries to argue that this is why it is so vital that they stick to it. But finally, someone calls him out and tells him that he is the one that needs the Code. Initially, they followed the Code because they would be taking free will away from the people if not. But not he is using the Code to take free will away from others.

She tries to explain to Sheldon that the younger supers are scared. They are following this Code blindly and risking their lives for something that doesn’t work anymore. Sheldon asks her if she genuinely believes that. But Grace is struggling with that. She remembers how she used to seek out the truth but lost that along the way. She gave up a lot putting on the suit, but she will no longer give up the truth.

Sheldon still doesn’t know what she wants him to do. But all Grace needs is for him to listen and really hear what others are trying to say. Not just the things he wants to hear, but what they have to say. Process what they tell him and then talk to them. She reminds him about what they had to do on the island and that this is what they need to do now. Sheldon tells her that she has no idea what he needs to do.

Back on the island in 1929, the group is making their way through the island and slowly, the bickering begins. The further they get, the more odd anomalies they find, including glyphs similar to what Sheldon has seen. They soon realize how long this journey will be and Walter and Richard decide they are done. But the island won’t let him leave. It won’t let any of them leave.

Petra visiting Brandon in Jupiter's Legacy.

Petra (Tenika Davis) in Jupiter’s Legacy. Image courtesy of Netflix.

Petra pays a visit to Brandon at the Sampson Farm in the present. She tells Brandon that she wants to leave the Union. With Janna’s death and the older members of the Union being fractured, Petra struggles to hold it together. She opens up to Brandon about no longer believing in the Code. Brandon warns her that if she leaves, others will follow and the Union needs to stay together. He even shares his own doubts with her and thinks back to his father’s teachings. How the Code isn’t meant to make their lives easier, but their job doesn’t allow for the easy way out.

“Omnes Pro Uno” quickly swaps back to the island in 1929. Walter and George’s bickering continues to get worse, which is causing Sheldon’s visions to get worse. Walter turns on Sheldon, who tells him to just leave, but Grace calms Walter down and convinces him that he needs to stay. Just as they are about to head off into the desert, we jump back to the present.

Blackstar is relaxing in his cell in the Supermax when Walter pays him a visit. He gives him the chance to come clean before he probes his clone’s mind for answers. Walter tries to get him to open up about being in contact with George, but Blackstar only wishes George was. The picture he paints of him is much different than what we have been seeing. Blackstar even says that George knew that the Code was Sheldon’s way of controlling them. Being compared to George seems to have struck a nerve with Walter, who nearly kills Blackstar.

Sheldon and the crew finally make it across the desert only to find that they need to go further. Grace begins to question why their dad chose Sheldon and not Walter, which sparks another set of bickering among the group. George pushes things a bit too far this time and Walter storms off ahead of the group. After what seems like hours, Fitz asks the group about who they would choose to see again if they were given a chance.

Fitz would want to see his grandmother, George chooses his mother, Grace wants to see her uncle and Richard mentions a fellow doctor who was on the ship with him. Walter, however, has no interest in seeing anyone believing that they should stay in the past. Sheldon looks like he is about to say something before a sandstorm blows through and encompasses the group. Only by working together are they able to make it through to the other side.

In the present, Raikou arrives at the Union headquarters and Walter warns her not to try anything funny and just do her job. This isn’t the family reunion we thought we were going to see but did we expect anything less?

On the island, the crew reaches the end of the storm only to find themselves up against another nightmare. While on the most dangerous part of the journey, Sheldon decides it is time to start questioning Sheldon’s response to Fitz’s question. This causes another argument and Sheldon finally completely opens up about his feelings towards Sheldon – the Golden boy. Walter blames Sheldon for his father’s death, believing that things would have been okay if they hadn’t expanded when they did, but Sheldon never listens.

We quickly flashback to the present as the group prepares to dive into the clone’s mind. Sheldon tries one more time to get Walter to change his mind, but he won’t budge. Petra and Fitz work together to try and get the clone’s mind to come back to life.

On the island, the group finally reaches the center of the island, where they find groups of bodies from different centuries. Walter realizes that they have hit a dead end and that this is all over. The group tries to escape, but the walls around them rise up and seel together to close the entrance. Everyone begins to turn on each other for what has happened. Grace realizes that this is precisely what they aren’t supposed to do. Those who failed these tests did so because they turned on each other. They need to stop fighting and work together to figure out what is going on.

George, Walter, Sheldon, Grace, Richard and Fitz walking into the doorway in Jupiter's Legacy.

George (Matt Lanter), Watlter (Ben Daniels), Sheldon (Josh Duhamel), Grace (Leslie Bibb) Fitz (Mike Wade) and Richard (David Julian Hirsch) in Jupiter’s Legacy. Image courtesy of Netflix.

Sheldon reaches out to touch the wall and as he and George touch the wall, glyphs begin to glow. They each reach out and touch the wall with amazement. But when Walter does, both his and George’s glyphs stop working. Sheldon realizes that they need to let the past go. This seems to allow both of their glyphs to work. But then Sheldon’s glyph stops. Grace discovers that Sheldon and Walter need to reconcile as well. Finally, they activate the glyphs and a door opens.

In the present, Petra and Fitz bring the clone’s mind back online and Watler and Raikou start poking around inside. Walter starts to hear voices and warns them that something isn’t right before collapsing. Raikou continues to hold the door to the clone’s mind open for fear that Walter won’t be able to leave if it closes.

“Omnes Pro Uno” comes to a close as the group enters the mysterious doorway from the island. It appears that they are on one of Jupiter’s moons and awaiting them are those people from their past who tell them that they have all proven themselves worthy. A burst of power hits them and washes out over the planet as well. We can see that members aboard the ship are affected as well. Captain Borges tells the men to set sail but is stopped when Sheldon and the others return with their new powers.

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Things are definitely going down the wrap-up path now in Jupiter’s Legacy. We finally have some answers to how the original supers obtained their powers and what exactly happened on the island. And it definitely seems that they really suffered along the way. We don’t get an exact answer about where precisely these powers are from, but hey, they can fly, so who cares. What I do want to know is how the others were affected. When that big wash of power flowed out, we could see others were changed too. Is this how more heroes and even the villains got their powers? It seems like in return for these gifts, they opened up the door for even more trouble.

In another significant plot twist, it seems like Walter has a daughter of his own. It makes sense that she has powers of her own and is a contact killer. Did we expect a normal member of this family? They don’t go into too much detail on their backstory, but while I don’t need a happy ending, I want to see more of her in the series. We also left off with a bit of a cliffhanger as Walter is now stuck in the clone’s mind. I imagine that the final episode will be the fight to get him out and maybe we will finally learn what George has been up to this whole time. I guess the only way to know is to dive right into the end!


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