We are here, guys, the season finale of Netflix’s Jupiter’s Legacy. Before we dive in, I just want to say how amazing Steven S. DeKnight has done adapting Mark Millar and Frank Quitely‘s comic series. I have absolutely loved this wild ride and can’t wait to dive into the next season. But now onto the recap. In the previous episode, Sheldon and the original heroes made it across the island alive and came back with the power to change the world. In the season finale, “How It All Ends,” Walter (Ben Daniels) faces off against an old ally while Sheldon (Josh Duhamel) and Brandon (Andrew Norton) face a do or die situation.

Disclaimer: This is a recap and, by nature, will contain spoilers for Jupiter’s Legacy. If you haven’t watched it, I highly suggest you do so. Viewers can find the entire first season here on Netflix.

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“How It All Ends” opens with Blackstar (Tyler Mane) being freed from his cell by some unknown source. Back in 1929, we overhear a radio station discussing the mysterious heroes who have been saving the world. Walter and Sheldon meet up at a local diner and discuss how their lives have changed. Walter makes a joke about George (Matt Lanter) and Sheldon reminds him that they need to put that stuff aside. Walter admits he was just trying to make a joke and that Sheldon needs to lighten up a bit.

Sheldon promises Waler that no matter how close he and George are, the bond between Walter and him is far greater. We are brought back into the present day as Walter is fighting for his life. Raikou (Anna Akana) is trying to keep the pathway open for Walter while Fitz (Mike Wade) and Petra (Tenika Davis) make sure that the clone’s body doesn’t shut down. Sheldon wants Raikou to go inside and pull him out, but she won’t do it and admits that all she can do is keep the door open.

At Hutch’s (Ian Quinlan) loft, Chloe (Elena Kampouris) and he get into a fight about their relationship. He won’t open up about his relationship with her based on who her father is. He just wants to keep her safe and that there are parts of both their lives they want to keep separate. Chloe realizes that there really was no chance that a relationship between the two of them would ever work out.

Hutch meets with his crew, Jack (Morgan David Jones), Jacinda (Jess Salgueiro) and Gabby (Humberly Gonzalez), to try and convince them to help on this job. However, they risk their lives knowing that the Utopian could pop up any minute since Hutch has been shacking up with his daughter. This leaves Hutch no choice and he takes the job alone.

Sheldon and Brandon dicussing Skyfox in Jupiter's Legacy.

Sheldon (Josh Duhamel) and Brandon (Andrew Horton) in Jupiter’s Legacy.

Back at the Union headquarters, Brandon (Andrew Horton) comes to check on Sheldon. He reminds him that he is in good hands and shouldn’t worry. Sheldon shares with Brandon the conversation that he and Grace had about what they had to go through to get their powers and that he has been tough on him because of what happened with George. When George broke the Code, it marked the beginning of the end of his relationship with the Union and Sheldon.

Sheldon doesn’t want to lose Brandon like he did George and possibly Walter. Brandon reassures him that it won’t lose him. That he has done some thinking of his own and how Petra came to visit. Brandon tells Sheldon that what he said to Petra always felt scripting, but this time it was different. He now understands why this Code was so crucial for Sheldon and Brandon felt the same way when someone questioned it. Sheldon admits that he also needs to let go a bit and listen more.

The father-son chat comes to a close when Petra shows up and tells them that Blackstar has escaped his cell at the Supermax. The only two available for this mission are Sheldon and Brandon. He promises his dad that he is ready.

In China, Hutch teleports into a secured room with no oxygen. He tries to break into the lockbox, but the guards show up and make quick work of him. Hutch isn’t able to teleport using the power rod because, without oxygen, he doesn’t produce sound when speaking. Just when it looks like it’s lights out, there is a crash through the ceiling and Chloe arrives. She makes quick work of the guards, gets Hutch what he is looking for and the two make it out before anyone else can show up. It turns out she has been following him since he left the loft.

Back at the Union headquarters, things are looking bad for Walter. Just like Raikou said, he is being torn apart piece by piece. At the Supermax, Sheldon and Brandon head into the cellblock to deal with Blackstar. They decide to split up to cover more ground, but Sheldon warns Brandon not to engage with Blackstar.

“How It All Ends” shifts back to Walter inside the clone’s mind. He has finally broken through whatever barrier kept him trapped and we hear the beginning notes to Painting the Clouds With Sunshine. In the distance, we see a gentleman sitting at a table that looks like it was plucked from 1929. As Walter gets closer, it becomes clear that a younger George is sitting there. Walter taunts him and asks, “what are you waiting for?” In one of the best moments of the finale, George stands up and throws the table and as the mess clears, we see a much older George in his Skyfox suit.

George in his Skyfox suit in Jupiter's Legacy.

George/Skyfox (Matt Lanter) in Jupiter’s Legacy. Image courtesy of Netflix.

We shift back to the Supermax for a moment, where Brandon tries to assist a guard, but Blackstar has other plans for him. In the clone’s mind, George and Walter are throwing blows back and forth while Grace and the others are left not knowing what is happening. Grace forces Raikou to help her get inside the clone’s brain as well to help Walter find his way out. Back at the Supermax, Sheldon finds Blackstar and Brandon. Blackstar gives him the ultimatum of either killing him or allowing his son to die.

George is taunting Walter as he continues to unleash a mental ass-kicking on him. He even mentions that he could have done it before if Sheldon hadn’t stop them. Just as George is about the unleash another flurry of blows, Grace makes an appearance and sends him flying. But George came prepared and uses one of his inventions to freeze Grace in time.

Blackstar keeps taunting Sheldon about what choice he is going to make. Is he going to kill or let his son be killed? Blackstar knows that no matter what choice Sheldon makes, he will lose the faith of someone. Sheldon isn’t sure what to do and the longer he debates, the worse Blackstar’s taunts get. Blackstar turns his attention back to Brandon, thinking that Sheldon has already made his choice. Just as Sheldon charges up his eye beams, Petra ambushes Blackstar from behind.

As their fight gets kicked into high gear, we shift back over to George, Walter and Grace. We learn a few things in these moments. The last time George saw anyone from the Union, they attacked him in front of Hutch and that Walter is responsible for turning the Union against him. George decides not to kill Walter but instead shows him how everything will come to an end.

At the Supermax, Brandon comes to and joins the fight, successfully take Blackstar down. But when he is about the land the killing blow, he stops and walks away. Now that the battle is over, Sheldon tells Brandon that he wasn’t going to let him die at the hands of Blackstar. Brandon says that he knows, but it seems like he doesn’t actually believe that. Sheldon watches as Brandon walks away without another word.

At the Union headquarters, Walter and Grace wake up. She is worried that George let them go too easily, and he shares with her what George has planned for Sheldon and Brandon and that George was responsible for cloning Blackstar. Back at Hutch’s loft, he shows Chloe what he has been working on all this time. And while the machine is strong enough to take down the world’s mightiest hero, he is going to use it to find his father.

“How It All Ends” shifts back in time for the final time this season to the founding members of the Union arriving at their new headquarters. We see Richard (David Julian Hirsch) teleporting around with a power rod that looks just like the one Hutch has in the present. It seems that he is the only one who actually has one. Once they are all settled, Sheldon lays down what his Code is. They don’t govern and they don’t kill. This seems to be where it was born.

Walter (Ben Daniels) and Raikou (Anna Akana) in Jupiter’s Legacy. Image courtesy of Netflix.

In the last few minutes of Jupiter’s Legacy’s season finale, we get one last plot twist that blows the rest of them out of the water. Raikou uncovers that it wasn’t George who created the clone and sent it after the Union. It was Walter. He was even behind letting the real Blackstar out of his cell. It was a way to drive a rift between Sheldon and Brandon. When things become unstable, Walter will take over the Union and run it how he sees fit.

Raikou demands more money to keep her mouth shut, but Walter finds it safer with her dead. What makes this so much more impactful is that while Walter is having this conversation with Raikou, we see his conversation with Sheldon, who asks him for help. Sheldon is worried that he is losing Brandon like he lost Chloe. He agrees to help his brother even though we know he has been lying to him the whole time. And this is where the final episode of season one draws to a close.

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Now that was one hell of an ending. Now I have read the comics and knew that Walter wasn’t as good as he was playing to be, but throughout the first season, I thought that maybe, just maybe, they had adjusted the plot a bit for the series. But no, Ben Daniels is just that good of an actor that he had me fooled the whole time. But I guess that’s the point, isn’t it. And that final fight scene between him and George? I know it was him the moment Paint the Clouds With Sunshine began to play. Speaking of fights, I just want to say that Hutch’s silent fight was done beautifully and made better when Chloe came to save his ass.

I’m not happy that Raikou is dead, but I can understand why Walter needs her to stay quiet. They don’t have a relationship that really screams, ‘don’t worry, I’ll keep this horrible secret,’ but maybe he could have just sent her away? It isn’t like her relationship with the rest is that great either. But money can be very persuasive, so Raikou doesn’t get to walk away knowing that Walter is on a path to destroy the Union.

I think one of the most impactful moments in the finale was between Sheldon and Brandon. From the very beginning, Brandon has been asking his father what he would do if their roles were reversed. And Sheldon stalled. Brandon must really think that in the end, the Code is more important than he is and that has to hurt. Thankfully, Petra showed up and kicked some major ass, so we didn’t end the season at a funeral, but I can’t imagine Brandon and Sheldon’s relationship will be good from here.

What did you think of this first season of Jupiter’s Legacy? Let us know what questions you need to be answered in season two!


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