Jupiter’s Legacy has spent a lot of time diving into the emotional state of Sheldon (Josh Duhamel), Brandon (Andrew Horton) and Chloe (Elena Kampouris). In the last episode, we even got a chance to see into Sheldon’s therapy appointments and the entire 1929 storyline revolves around him. But finally, we got some more time with our favorite mom superhero, Lady Liberty/Grace (Leslie Bibb). And in episode six, “Cover Her Face”, she will learn first-hand how the Code affects the younger supers. In the 1929 storyline, tempers begin to fly as Sheldon and the crew forge ahead.

Disclaimer: This is a recap and, by nature, will contain spoilers for Jupiter’s Legacy. If you haven’t watched it, I highly suggest you do so. Viewers can find the entire first season here on Netflix.

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“Cover Her Face” opens as Sheldon and Grace are trying to have some alone time, but of course, duty calls and Sheldon sets off to keep a comet from plummeting into Earth. Grace pulls out a memory box of photos and articles from over the years, including a few about Skyfox’s (Matt Lanter) turn from the Union and a picture of Sheldon and the kids.

We are then transported back to 1929; Sheldon and the crew are trying to secure a ship to the coordinates. Captain Borges (Conrad Coates) refuses to help them since boats in that area have found themselves at the bottom of the Atlantic. Even a bag full of money isn’t enough to entice him. George tries to convince Sheldon to find another guy, but it has to be him. Instead of telling Borges that he was in his visions, Sheldon plays it off that he head Borges was the best Captain.

Borges tries to walk away, but Sheldon doesn’t let him. This sparks an even bigger fight with guns drawn on both sides. Just as things look like they will take a turn for the worse, Walter (Ben Daniels) drops a wad of cash on the table. This seems to buy the Captain’s attention and he agrees to help them. The group split up to enjoy a bit of Morocco before they set out and Grace uses the time to learn more about what Borges said.

She meets up with Fitz (Mike Wade) and shares this information with him. He references The Great Old Ones from the H.P. Lovecraft novels (yes Fitz yes!) like maybe they might have something to do with it. They both agree that if either sees a tentacle splashing around, they are swimming back to shore. Grace asks Fitz if he thinks Sheldon and the rest knew about the ships going missing. Fitz doesn’t know for sure but points out that it sure didn’t matter to Sheldon.

The group arrives to find that the ship they just hired is falling apart, but Sheldon still wants to push forward. Even when Walter asks him about the final guy he needs for her crew, Sheldon just assumes he must be on the boat. Onboard, they learn that a part of the crew decided to stay behind and that they need to turn over all of their firearms. Sheldon isn’t entirely sure this is the best idea, but when it means losing the ship and Captain, he follows suit.

Grace in Jupiter's Legacy.

Grace (Leslie Bibb) in Jupiter’s Legacy. Image courtesy of Netflix.

In the present, Brandon is chatting with Ruby (Gracie Dzienny) about how things are going in the field. Grace comes out to see them and after Ruby leaves, Brandon shares that things have been tense in the field since the Blackstar incident. Grace tells him it will take time for things to blow over. This isn’t the only thing Bradon is upset about, though. He is still grounded on the farm and isn’t able to help. He understands that he is supposed to be the example, but what good is doing that when no one sees to follow it. Grace reminds him that they do this because it’s the right thing to do.

“Cover Her Face” quickly jumps back to 1929, where Grace is taking photos aboard the boat. She eventually spots Sheldon arguing with himself, but before she can learn more, George pops up. He explains that Sheldon is just talking things over with himself and Grace shouldn’t worry about him. This doesn’t seem to appease Grace knowing that where they are heading appears to be a final resting place for ships and Sheldon doesn’t look like he has it all together. George promises her that everything is going to be okay and that Sheldon is fine.

Back in the present, Grace arrives at a fight where Janna (Kara Royster) is trying to stop one of the younger supers from killing. They are angry that their friend might not make it, but they let the villain live and the other gets away. Grace reminds them that they are better than them. That they need to be no more than ever. Jay (Jake Lewis) understands that, but now they are worried about being killed in the field. Things have changed and it looks like the younger supers are suffering because of it.

In 1929, Grace runs into Fitz, who is listening outside of Sheldon’s door. He shares that Sheldon went into the room alone. They meet up with Walter later on to figure out what is going on. Walter swears that Sheldon is fine, but Grace doesn’t believe it. They are out in the middle of the ocean and the man leading the charge is losing it. Right as things get heated, there is a loud screech and the boat comes to a stop.

In the present day, Grace stops at the Supermax to talk with Janna about what happened. Janna apologizes for Jay’s behavior and opens up to Grace about how things are getting terrible out there. Grace asks her if everyone on her team feels the same way about the Code as Jay does. Janna seems to think so but isn’t entirely sure. Grace knows that things aren’t so black and white anymore and Janna believes that it’s even more of a reason to stick to the Code.

This reminds Grace of something Chloe used to say when she was young. This prompts Janna to ask how Chloe is feeling now that she is out of the hospital. But it turns out that Grace didn’t know Chloe was there, to begin with. Before she can ask how she knew or what happened, Fitz sends her a signal that he needs her. Janna tries to apologize, thinking that Grace already knew, but Grace tells her not to worry.

We jump back again to 1929, where Sheldon and his crew are speaking with Captain Borges. The bilge pump stopped working and the ship is taking on water and the engineer stayed back on land. This prompts even more fighting, which sends Sheldon over the edge and he snaps at the Captain, thinking that he caused this on purpose. Before an all-out brawl can break out, Fitz steps in and asks where he can find the pump to help fix it.

Fitz finds two men (Tony Nappo and Nabil Rajo) currently trying to strong-arm the pump into working. The white gentleman doesn’t seem to care for Fitz’s suggestions and mocks him. Fitz fires back that he should just try out what he is suggesting unless he has any better ideas. It almost looks like the two are about to have a fight of their own, but the man just heads off to get the detergent Fitz needs.

Grace and Chloe in Jupiter's Legacy.

Grace (Leslie Bibb) and Chloe (Elena Kampouris) in Jupiter’s Legacy. Image courtesy of Netflix.

In the present, Chloe and Hutch (Ian Quinlan) are about the have their own intimate moment when Hutch steps away for a second. Chloe realizes that her mother is outside the window checking in on her since she isn’t answering her phone. Grace wants to know why Chloe didn’t tell her that she was in the hospital and if it had something to do with Hutch. She reminds Chloe who Hutch is and Chloe reminds her that Hutch isn’t like his father like she isn’t like hers.

Grace recognizes that Chloe is an adult and can make her own choices. She tries to go further, but Chloe knows that she about to give her a lecture. How everything Chloe does affects the family and the Union and everything her father used to remind her when she was younger. Chloe asks her mother if she ever has any thoughts of her own instead of constantly siding and sounding like Sheldon. Grace tries to tell her that isn’t fair to say – the same thing Sheldon said to Chloe the last time they spoke. Chloe realizes that Hutch is about to come back into the room and asks Grace to leave before things get weird. You know, her mom just floating outside of her window.

“Cover Her Face” returns back to Fitz in 1929. The other gentleman is shocked that Fitz spoke to Welback like that and even more surprised the detergent thing wasn’t just a way to get him to leave. Fitz shares that he reads a lot of books about stuff to experience life outside of America. Fitz knows he has the chance to stay with them on the ship. To leave behind the America that hates him because of the color of his skin. But, he knows that the only way to make a change is to return and do it himself.

In the present, Fitz and Grace are talking about the most recent incident. They know that the villains are using the Blackstar incident as a flashpoint. Grace believes that the younger supers are at risk of going too far. But Fitz thinks that maybe that might be what needs to be done. The world is changing and they need to change with it. Grace understands that and is dealing with Brandon’s choice to take a life and ignore everything they have tried to teach him.

We return to 1929, just as Grace sneaks into Sheldon’s room. She finds his scribbles and a drawing of his father (Richard Blackburn). Sheldon and Walter show up and accuse her of snooping around. Walter sees the images and their father’s pocket watch and demands that Sheldon tell them everything that has been happening. Their fight is broken up by crewmembers rushing back and George tells them that something is happening on deck.

They all rush up top to find the crew pulling someone from the water. Sheldon realizes that this is the final one (David Julian Hirsh) he has been waiting for. That everyone is finally here. A little while later, the crew is questioning how he ended up in the water. He introduced himself as Dr. Richard Conrad and that he was on a volunteer mission for the Red Cross. Richard starts explaining how the ship was hit by a storm. As he shares the story, Sheldon realizes his story is similar to the one he heard from the farmer (Kurtwood Smith).

Richard tells everyone that the storm took the entire crew but is confused why it allowed him to leave. Outside, the storm is getting worse and Captain Borges decides it is time to head back to port. Sheldon panics and starts fighting with the Captain and bursts out that Richard was in the cellar in Kansas and proves that this is real. However, the only one who actually understands is Geroge. Sheldon continues talking about his visions and how they need to go through the storm.

Everyone starts arguing about whose fault it is that they are out in the middle of the ocean. Sheldon finally breaks down and admits that he sees his father, something that not even George knew about. Sheldon continues to tell Walter that everything is real and that he needs to believe him. Walter asks the crewmates to take Sheldon to his room while they try to figure things out and one pulls a gun on him. In the hallways, Sheldon attacks the men and takes the gun before running off.

Grace in Jupiter's Legacy.

Grace (Leslie Bibb) in Jupiter’s Legacy. Image courtesy of Netflix.

“Cover Her Face” returns to the present just as Grace arrives at another crime scene. A police officer informs her that Janna is inside, persuing one of Blackstar’s accomplishes alone. Grace heads in after her and as she is trying to stay quiet, we can hear Janna’s screams along with someone else’s. She eventually finds Janna who has had her insides nearly ripped out. As Janna is dying in Grace’s arms, she warns Grace that it was Baryon (Micah Karns) before continuing to tell Grace that she didn’t kill him – that she didn’t break the Code.

Grace leaves Janna behind and continues to pursue Baryon, finding him further in the building. He gets off a few surprise attacks, but Grace manages to hold her own and gives him a thorough ass-kicking. She finally manages to get him down and unleashes her rage onto him. With a final punch, we see blood spatter up onto her face and suit. A little while later, she leaves the building and requests that the coroner be called for Janna. They ask her about the villain and she replies that he gets to live.

Later at home, Grace is cleaning herself up when Sheldon arrives. He apologizes for how long it took to deal with the comet. Grace asks him if everything is okay and while it is, Sheldon believes that things like this aren’t as easy as they used to be. He even suggests taking Brandon next time. Sheldon asks about Grace’s day and she opens up about visiting Chloe but not that she is dating Hutch or that she was in the hospital. She also shares with him that she ran into Janna on patrol and now she is dead.

We flip back to 1929, just as the ship is entering the worst of the storm. Sheldon has made it onto the top deck and is threatening to shoot the helmsman if he tries to turn the ship around. The rest of the group and Borges come topside and try to get Sheldon to drop the gun. While this is happening, Sheldon sees his father again, who is taunting him, telling him that these people just want to see him fail.

Grace finally steps forward between Sheldon and Borges. She tells him that it doesn’t matter if what he sees or hears is real or fake because it is real to him. That he knows that the way they are heading is only the way down. She tells him that taking a life is never the answer. She eventually gets Sheldon to drop the gun. Just as he does this, the ship exits the storm and a ringing starts to get louder and louder and stops just as the pocket watch breaks. As “Cover Her Face” comes to a close, we see Sheldon’s mysterious island form on the horizon.

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I am torn between being so excited that this episode has given us the Grace moments I have been missing and upset that she suffered so much in 40 minutes. Where Sheldon is almost turning a blind eye to what is truly happening and just demanding that people do better, Grace actually sees it first hand. I feel that losing Janna and knowing that Baryon gets to live was so eye-opening to her. That these people are laying their lives on the line without question, knowing that there is a chance their opponent won’t care if they die.

Chloe was right when she points out that Grace sounds just like Sheldon. We can see how in 1929, she had her own opinions and followed her gut, but at some point, over the years, she fell into line with Sheldon and seems to have lost a bit of her independence. One could argue that she is listening to the Code and that she and Sheldon just have similar views, but as we have seen, Sheldon and the Code are pretty much the same things. His rules he created to feel like he is doing good in the world and forcing people to abide by it is his way of staying alive with those he cares about when he dies.

Grace and Janna were pretty much the last two that we see, who were entirely on Sheldon’s side. And now Janna is dead and Grace is having conflicting thoughts on how the world is changing. Will she be the voice that changes how Sheldon views his Code, or are we going down a path where Sheldon will feel singled out by everyone? We have two more episodes left for this season of Jupiter’s Legacy and I am so curious how they will tie things up.


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