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Good news X-Men fans! We’ve got what looks to be an incredible movie coming out May 27th — X-Men: Apocalypse.

As you all know, Jubilee will be in that film. Jubilation Lee. The fireworks-throwing mutant that was popularized in the 90’s X-Men cartoon.


So does she keep her firework throwing power in this film?

According to a set visit report from JoBlo, the short answer — no.

The longer answer is given by Lana Condor, the actor playing the character in the upcoming film. As she says, “…Her power in the comic books is fireworks. In this film, I can safely say that her power is more fire-plasmoid, electricity type.”

That is a great updating of her power! The fireworks were always more of a distraction or a nuisance, but never all that effective in combat. Here, she sounds like she’s actually dangerous.


We also learn that, unlike her character in the animated series, she’s no longer the new kid in school. “She is a student at the X-Mansion and she’s been here for about 10 years,” says Condor. She then goes on to say, “So she’s not new, unlike some of the other characters who have just arrived. She’s mostly with Scott, Jean, and Kodi. They’re like her good core friend group.”

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