Penguin is going to be joining the DCEU and he’ll be played by none other than Josh Gad. I believe the word you’re looking for is “Ahhh”! The actor had teased the idea awhile ago on Twitter but has brought more proof, this time with a photo at DC Headquarters.

On May 2nd, Gad posted an image of The Penguin on his Twitter with no caption, leading people to speculate on his casting. And now almost a full month later, we have our answer. Gad stands alongside Geoff Johns, who’s taken over as Chief Creative Officer for DC and Jon Berg, a Warner Bros producer. “Nothing to see here…” Gad teases while he holds a comic with Penguin on the cover. So another Rogue’s Gallery member joins the DCEU. So what does this mean?

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Well, its highly unlikely he’ll be apart of the upcoming Justice League, we could see a cameo from him. From there we have two potential movies he could be joining. The solo Batman film or the Gotham City Sirens film. Or even both! It’s currently more likely he’ll be joining the Batman film as it is in active production but it doesn’t rule out a large role in Sirens. Sirens director David Ayer teased Black Mask as a villain and with both characters deep in the mob scene, they could be warring factions. 

It will be our third live action appearance of The Penguin since Burgess Meredith in 1966 and Danny Devito in 1992. Gad’s most popular roles have been funny and sweet characters, so it will be a nice change to see him as a villain. We’ve seen Leto’s take on Joker, so how will Gad approach the role as Penguin? I’m excited to find out.

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Erin Lynch