In such a simple and effective way, Jon Kasdan has brought happiness into our lives thanks to a post on Twitter yesterday. In just a few simple words and a picture, he announced that the Disney+ TV series Willow is officially underway. While we still have no clue how this story will really unfold, it will be a sequel to the original movie and could possibly follow the novels written by George Lucas and Chris Claremont.

With the success Disney has already seen with The Mandalorian and the inevitable success of the upcoming Marvel tv shows, it was time to take some chances. Fans have always wanted a continuation of Willow and now we are going to get one. The original film was the perfect mix of 80s bizarre fantasy adventure and such a memorable score from the late James Horner. If you have not seen the original film featuring Warwick Davis as title character, go watch it on Disney+ now and thank me later.

No release frame has been set nor do we have any actors or actresses confirmed aside from Warwick returning as a mature Willow. Check back with us for all the exciting news!


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