Recently, I was asked to be a part of  author Andrew Buckley’s new initiative to promote reading, literacy and community: The Read Around the World Experiment.

I’ve read a couple of Buckley’s books, namely Death, the Devil and the Goldfish and Stiltskin. He’s quick witted with a Douglas Adams-esque approach to writing. In others words, a pure joy.

According to Buckley’s website, Planet Kibi, here’s what The Read Around the World Experiment is:

From October 15th to Christmas I’m going to be embarking upon an international social experiment called Read Around the World! This social experiment is designed to encourage reading, literacy, global community, and plain old goofy fun.

I’ll be asking volunteers to read an excerpt (which I’ll assign) from DEATH, THE DEVIL, AND THE GOLDFISH on camera and post it to YouTube on a specific day. 

This will result in the entire book being read out loud, on camera, all over the world! While the experiment is underway I’ll be donating 50% of my royalties to the World Literacy Foundation. Help support reading and literacy, not just in your home or community, but all over the world!

Now, Buckley stroked my ego and asked me to read this first installment. How could I say no? Take a look! After the video, take a look at what inspired Buckley to do the Read Around The World experiment!

GGA: When and How did  you come up with the idea for RATW?

ANDREW BUCKLEY: Like anything else I do creatively, the idea came to me in the shower . . .  I’ve had the concept for a while but haven’t had the time to implement it as the set up and coordination is a bit on the time consuming side.  However, I’m currently in between book edits so I thought it was s good time to launch it. I really wanted to run a campaign that encouraged reading and that people can have fun doing. Everyone likes to feel they’re a part of something, whether it’s religion, organized crime, the local knitting circle, etc. RATW is a great way for 100+ people all around the world to come together and complete something that hasn’t been done before.

GGA: What do you hope comes out of RATW?

ANDREW BUCKLEY: Mostly I’m hoping that it can be completed 🙂  There’s a certain amount of responsibility on each person to complete their piece of the video and post it on the assigned day. If one person misses then the reading will be out of sync. Other than that I’m hoping everyone will have fun doing it.  Death, the Devil, and the Goldfish is a story that doesn’t take itself too seriously so its ideal for something like this. I hope more people will join the experiment. Currently there are over 30 participants signed up but in the end there will need to be 150+ people needed to complete the whole thing.

So, here are your marching orders! Become a part of the Read Around the World Experiement by signing up here. Anyone can do it. Use your smartphone, camera, tablet or computer to record! Read it straight up, act it out with friends, make your dog look like he’s reading it! Let’s all be part of something great and spread the word that reading is frakking awesome and fun!

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Audrey Kearns