When you’re an adult and you want to get away, you either take a vacation which includes a lot of work in it’s own right, planning where and what you’re going to do. Or you take a retreat of some kind, to cleanse your body, soul and mind. But, if you don’t want to do that John Waters, The King of Camp and the director behind Pink Flamingos, Cry Baby and Hairspray, is hosting his very own summer camp for adults!

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A legitimate adult summer camp, in one location for one weekend, lots of activities AND booze!

September 22nd thru 24th in Kent, Connecticut. You’ll be able to enjoy burlesque classes, yoga, zip-lining, Bloody Mary Bingo, a Scotch and Cigars class, A John Waters Costume Contest, I mean there’s a wealth of costume ideas to pull from. Waters will read you books and perform a one man show. You’ll be treated to a John Waters Film Marathon, smores and much, much more.

There are only accommodations for 300 and the cabins are sold out. If you’re interested in participating, check out the registration info, here.


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