John Malkovich is always fascinating and over the past week his latest project, Playing Lynch, took scenes from various David Lynch projects added a twist of Malkovich and raised money for Lynch’s foundation that provides Transcendental Meditation for trauma victims.

The project concluded today, with a scene from The Elephant Man with Malkovich in the title role. In this scene he recites The Lords Prayer and boy, did this flash me back to when my parents made me watch this movie at the age of three. Thanks parents!

Malkovich also portrays Agent Dale Cooper, The Log Lady, Frank Booth and more….

Check out the trailer:

Oh yea, you want to see it don’t ya. Rolling Stone’s article about this project features the monologue mentioned above. Then go to the website Playing Lynchdonate, watch the whole thing and help raise some money for people who really need to heal.

If you’re a David Lynch and John Malkovich fan, like me, this is right up your alley!

[via Rolling Stone]


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