“No matter how dark it gets, there’s always good in the world.” ~Some Good News

The sixth episode of John Krasinski‘s Some Good News brings closure to students around the globe while also delivering that weekly uplifting that we’ve all come to enjoy. Settle in for some inspirational hope from across the world as well as from the next generation.

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This week’s opening was a scientifically accurate (THE GLOBE ROTATION, JOHN!) animation featuring a dancing (and…twerking?!) John Krasinski in his now-signature jacket with tie and colorful boxer shorts, thanks to Monster Truck Ninja. The week’s good news highlights started with a parade of over 300 Jeeps to help 8-year old Caleb celebrate his birthday. Keeping on with the theme of birthdays, a previously highlighted good Samaritan, Captain Tom Moore, turned 100 and received “tens of thousands” of birthday cards. Just the sight of so many cards filling a huge space leaves a warm fuzzy feeling in my chest.

With the quarantining, families and children have had to learn to self-entertain. Some are doing so by recreating Olympic downhill skiing in the backyard while another is shouting compliments to strangers. Samuel L. Jackson stepped in for Some Good News‘ first dramatic recreation when video of the young girls shouting was unavailable.

This week’s heart-wrenching tissue moment goes to the man visiting his wife in the nursing home. At 88-years old, Nick Avtges climbed into a bucket truck to get a lift to the third floor to see his wife of 61 years for the first time in a month, even if it was through a window. Most every girl dreams of a love like that, right?

Some Good News continued on with a guitar playing FDNY firefighter, the debut of a John Krasinski SGN action figure, and a weather report from Ryan Reynolds. Then, the main event of the evening: Graduation 2020.

John took it upon himself to host graduation this year for all of the students that would have walked the stage, received a diploma, and celebrated their educational milestone. Earlier in the week, John and Some Good News sent a call out for valedictorians to send in their speeches – because every graduation needs a valedictorian! Instead of highlighting just one person, Some Good News created their own speech by splicing together snippets of the submitted videos. The end result was an uplifting and inspiring speech, and even Tony Stark was mentioned!

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The next thing up was the commencement speech…but who would give the speech? John Krasinski has given a commencement speech before, last year to Brown University, but as host of the ceremony, he declined the honor. Instead, he changed things up and declared this year to be super special with a “commencement conversation” and took questions from graduates. The twist? He invited four of the graduates to one-on-one conversations with four separate guests to answer their questions! Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, Malala Yousafzai, and Jon Stewart stepped up with their advice. While these guests answered directly to each single graduate, their responses resonate to the world at large.  

To see all this week’s good news delivered by John Krasinski and to hear the advice from the commencement guests, watch the full clip below. Stick around for the credits, too, to see a special spoken word from Los Angeles Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman. If you are part of the Class of 2020, don’t forget to download and print your own Some Good News diploma! Share those graduation photos with John Krasinski, Some Good News, and us! We want to celebrate your accomplishments as well!

Congratulations, Class of 2020!



This article was originally posted Star Wars Day, 5/4/20




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