Need some fun in your labor day weekend?  Look no further.  Funny or Die has given us all the The Office/Jack Ryan mash-up that we didn’t know we needed with Tom Clancy’s Jim Ryan.  

John Krasinski’s turn in the Tom Clancy seat has swiveled back to The Office.  Jim Ryan faces a foe like no foe Jack Ryan could ever imagine…  Dwight K. Schrute (Rainn Wilson).   Funny or Die has taken the Jack Ryan trailer and edited in the most maniacal antics that Dwight threw at Jim over the entirety of The Office.  The result is chillingly hilarious.  Dwight has an arsenal of weapons at his disposal, from snowballs to bull tranquilizers.  And, he is a man of so many disguises (please read wigs).  This challenge may be insurmountable.  

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So, if you’re looking for a few minutes of laughs while your uncle tells you too specific stories about his coworkers at your family labor day picnic, give Jim Ryan a try.  He’s the best chance you have.

Up-and-coming CIA analyst and paper salesman Jim Ryan (John Krasinski) is thrust into a dangerous field assignment for the first time, launching him into the middle of a dangerous gambit with a new breed of terrorist, Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson). A mashup of Amazon’s “Jack Ryan” and “The Office”.

Jack Ryan is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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