They say that not all heroes wear capes. Usually, this saying refers to the police officers working diligently to keep our streets safe or to firefighters lending a helping hand when Mittens gets stuck up a tree. When browsing the internet, the saying is attributed to a commenter that saves everyone else a click on a click-bait article. Lately, and well deservedly, it has been used in conjunction with the nurses and doctors working tirelessly and selflessly to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. Might we also extend it to John Krasinski (Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, The Office) as well? In this dark time, he asked a simple favor of mankind – to seek some good news to share. Then, Krasinski surprised us all with how he handled the responses.

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A Call for Good News

On Twitter last week, John Krasinski sent an innocuous tweet asking for the general public to share good news stories. Presumably, this was just a call for a feel good thread. A space to allow his fans to gather and share their happy tales. The trend for the thread has been going around in many Facebook groups and from other Twitter users. There was nothing suspicious about Krasinski’s call to arms, even with the #SomeGoodNews hashtag.

A New YouTube Project

On Sunday evening, John Krasinski sent out a follow-up tweet thanking everyone for their input and surprising us with an announcement all at once. He had taken his own social isolation and created something for the masses! Krasinski now sits as the anchor of a YouTube News Channel called Some Good News. This series follows in the vein of InspireMore and Tank’s Good News and Good News Network (all of which Krasinski references in his first video). The 15-minute low-tech production includes a hand-created SGN sign behind Krasinski’s desk, courtesy of his daughters. It features a small collection of feel-good stories submitted by his fans. These stories range from the world-wide applause for healthcare staff to the creative ways couples are refusing to let the virus pandemic ruin their plans. There’s also a story of a teen getting to go home after the last of her cancer treatments.

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An Anniversary Interview

In addition to being the debut episode of Some Good News, there was a surprise reunion and interview mid-show! John Krasinski was joined virtually by his The Office costar (and SGN’s Entertainment Correspondent) Steve Carell! Krasinski points out that this interview takes place the same week as the 15th anniversary of the hit show and takes Carell down memory lane. After Carell jokes about Krasinski’s possible lack of matching bottoms to his suit jacket and tie, the pair discuss their favorite moments of The Office. The former costars also give some behind-the-scenes tidbits on the show. 

SGN Entertainment Correspondent Steve Carell holds a paper with his name as the low-tech solution for the lower-third identifier for Some Good News with John Krasinski

SGN Entertainment Correspondent Steve Carell holds a paper with his name as the low-tech solution for the lower-third identifier for Some Good News with John Krasinski

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Watch Some Good News Now!

Whether you choose to follow Some Good News directly on YouTube or the social media platform of your choice (find SGN on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), you can catch the debut episode below. What do you think about John Krasinski’s newest project? Are you interested in another good news digest? 

Originally published on March 29, 2020.




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