“No matter how dark it gets, there’s always good in the world.” ~Some Good News

 John Krasinski is back with episode 3 of Some Good News . This week’s episode came in at a whopping 18 minutes but it’s worth every second, let me tell you! To open the show, Squad Harmonix brought us another new opening credits sequence and guess what, it was fantastic.

Krasinski claims that the world of fan art opened up for him over the last week as he shares a few choice selections that were drawn of him. He even makes a joke about one selection that he claims will be the closest he’ll ever get to playing a superhero. Hollywood? Are you listening?

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Krasinski then turns to the wide world of sports except with sports that we are playing by ourselves during isolation. The montage is super cute and Krasinski scores by getting sports commentator Joe Buck to give the blow by blow of some of these home videos. Krasinski then pines for baseball which should be in season right now and shows another montage of folk playing ball. 

Which brings him to his hometown healthcare heroes who work the at Beth israel Deaconist Medical Center COVID Unit. They had tweeted that they missed the excitement down the street at Fenway but they were still Red Sox Nation. So, of course, John Krasinski had to have a virtual chat with a few of those wonderful humans. Now remember, he has to top getting the original cast of Hamilton together. So what does he do, he brings on Big Papi himself, David Ortiz, to the chat!  I’m not going to spoil what Big Papi did for them but it was awesome. Boston is truly the City of Champions.

Krasinski then gives them a ride on “the most sanitized duck boat” in America. They are driven to Fenway Park and, well, joy happens and so do more cameos. The sweetest part was having the Beth Israel Deaconist Medical Center COVID Unit throw out the first pitch of the season.

Check out episode three below and thanks once again, John Krasinski! 


John Krasinski highlights some good news around the world, shares some at-home sports highlights, and surprises some healthcare heroes as a thank you for their hard work and sacrifice.


published April 12, 2020



Audrey Kearns