John Cleese has just unveiled his new YouTube channel with a very John Cleese video. Seriously, it’s John Cleese in every way. It’s funny, silly, grumpy and very Monty Python. Just read the video description and take a look at the announcement video.

Hello Youtubers. I haven’t the foggiest of what a Youtube Channel is, but regardless I’d like to welcome all fans of comedy (procrastinators) to this place.

I will be releasing seen, unseen, and ‘should never be seen’ material on here periodically in order to benefit from as much advertising revenue as possible…

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Lots of love,

John Cleese

As of now there are already four videos posted. Take a look!

I’ll tell you what. We here at Geek Girl Authority are just giddy about this new John Cleese channel. And now for something completely different –

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