Star Wars: Episode IX wrapped principal photography a month ago. The final story of the new saga is quickly coming to a close. With the end comes parting gifts from production. Usually actors are able to keep something important to their character (if it’s a larger franchise). John Boyega, who plays our favorite ex-stormtrooper Finn, got some pretty geeky wrap gifts from director JJ Abrams.

Boyega shared the experience over his Instagram stories, telling the camera that Abrams had been hyping up the gift “for a while”. In a series of short videos, he showed himself opening the box and read the note out loud from the director. “John, can’t possibly thank you enough for everything. I so look forward to the next time we get to work together. Love you, mate.” To which John replied “Love you too, mate”. Can you feel the love? After a bit of minor struggling, Boyega pulled his gift out of the box.

It was a custom Spider-Man stormtrooper helmet. That’s right! One of the biggest geeks in the galaxy continued to be a huge geek, excited giggle, grin and all. Of course, he was also able to keep Finn’s jacket (formerly known as Poe’s jacket). Since now we know that he’s a huge Spider-Man fan, can we petition for him to get a role in the next film? MCU or animated, maybe even both! His schedule appears to be opening up a bit more soon.

Check out John thanking JJ Abrams below. Plus look at that awesome helmet! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more geeking out!

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Erin Lynch