Whovians! HBO Max has granted our wildest dreams by bringing together three of the last four Doctors for a special Doctor Who virtual panel, Meeting of the DoctorsJodie Whittaker, Matt Smith and David Tennant joined host Terri Schwartz of IGN for this special panel to celebrate the series streaming on HBO Max. 

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This is the first time Whittaker, Smith, and Tennant teamed up to promote the show. The Doctors were excited to be on the panel and discuss what is clearly a special role for them all. They also recognize the impact of the show on the fans and truly respect their opinions and feelings about it.

The first Doctor Who premiered in 1963 with William Hartnell as the first Doctor. The program ran through 1989, ending with the seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy. A revival of the show debuted in 1996, casting Christopher Eccleston as the eighth Doctor.  There is a total of thirteen Doctors, spanning over 57 years. Tennant is the tenth, Smith is the eleventh, and Whittaker is the current and thirteenth Doctor.

There was also an announcement of the return of Doctor Who in a holiday special in December. You can watch the Meeting of the Doctors panel below or on the HBO Max YouTube channel

Doctor Who seasons one through eleven are currently streaming on HBO Max. Future season and specials will premiere on BBC America. 




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