Many of you may have seen this epic short Metroid film this morning starring Samus Aran. If you haven’t, check it out below. DO IT! When you’ve finished watching, go ahead and hit replay. You know you’ll want to.

The graphics are on point, the suit looks amazing and the story is solid. It even has Space Pirates, the Morph Ball and Chozo. The ending leaves a lot of questions but, in my opinion, that is the best part. This means the story can continue or, and I know this is shocking, the viewer can decide what happens next. Imagination! It’s amazing!

The video spread around my office and quickly became a topic of conversation; it’s fantastic when you work with other nerds. Other than speculating about what happened next, we launched into a rollicking discussion over why a Metroid movie hasn’t seen the light of day. Unsurprisingly, it has to do with the dismal failure of the 1993 Super Mario Brothers movie. Seriously, it happened. I saw it. It was terrible. After that, Nintendo decided to keep their characters locked away from Hollywood forever. However, they seem to be warming to the idea if you consider Wreck it Ralph.

In today’s climate, Metroid is perfect for the movie treatment:

Badass female protagonist: CHECK
Space setting: CHECK
Awesome technology: CHECK
Extinct alien race: CHECK
Aggressive alien race: CHECK
Space Pirates: CHECK and CHECK

Uh, what else do you need? Can I mention the fact Samus is 6’3”? Because, if I haven’t, she is 6 feet freakin 3 inches! As a 6-foot-tall woman myself, this makes me giggle with glee. And, Hollywood, don’t give me the same tired crap of how female leads don’t bring in the money. We’ve disproven that time and time again, when are you going to stop regurgitating the same old rhetoric?

So that’s my vote for a Metroid movie, make this short the opening prologue. Opening credits roll in the movie where the ending credits roll in the short. I like it. Let’s make it happen and introduce Samus Aran to the rest of the world.

Find out more about Rainfall Films here. They did the wonderful Wonder Woman short a few years ago and Legend of Zelda years before that.

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