Greetings, roadtrippers! Still recovering from last night’s Preacher episode? Well, I believe I have the cure for what ails you. The promo for Episode 3 of Preacher, titled “Damsels.” But first, let us briefly review the events of last night. 

Jesse faces off against The Saint of Killers, but quickly discovers that his new friend from Hell doesn’t succumb to the power of Genesis…at all. Even getting showered in bullets causes him no harm. Basically, he’s like an old timey Iron Man. Anyway, the motel our gang is staying at becomes engulfed in gunfire as a troop of gun enthusiasts attempt to take down SOK, but to no avail. Thankfully, the trio escapes unscathed, for the most part. Tulip and Jesse learn via the news that Annville was decimated in a methane blast. 

Later, Cassidy throws Jesse his next lead regarding the whereabouts of God: Mumbai Sky Tower. Apparently, the angel Fiore is performing magical acts there as “The Great Ganesh.” Audiences oh-ed and ah-ed as Fiore would kill himself and immediately be revived. Little do they know he was legitimately ending his life, but because angel, Fiore can’t actually die. Anyway, our heroes roll in and Jesse pleads his case to the angel. He tells Fiore that God is missing, and it’s up to them to locate him. Fiore flat out refuses to help them. He also reveals that he employed The Saint of Killers to wipe out Genesis at all costs, including killing Jesse if need be.

Meanwhile, Cassidy vows to wine and dine Fiore in an attempt to sway him to their cause. This evolves into a massive psychedelic trip of epic proportions. The vampire and the angel bond during their drug-infused time together, playing basketball and reading Archie comics in the hot tub. Finally, Cassidy hooks Fiore into aiding them in their mission. 

Then, Jesse nonchalantly proposes to Tulip. There’s a chapel in this hotel/casino, so why not? Tulip reluctantly jumps aboard the marriage train until she is sidetracked by a blast from her past named Gary. Gary wants her to get in contact with her “boss,” Victor, who’s apparently been trying to reach out to her for months. Tulip wants to leave the past behind, but Gary is insistent. She tells him that she can’t talk to Victor now, she has a prior engagement (you know, marrying a preacher). The conversation takes a violent turn when Gary begins choking Tulip. Thankfully, our Tulip fights back and bashes Gary’s head against the wall, rendering him unconscious.

Later, Tulip meets Jesse at the chapel and coerces him against the marriage idea. They love each other, and that’s all that matters, right? Marriage is outdated anyway. Jesse reluctantly agrees.

Then, the gang says their goodbyes to Fiore. Jesse now has a new lead – God loves jazz, so why not travel to the jazz capital of the country? That’s right, our heroes are heading to New Orleans. Before leaving, however, Jesse uses Genesis to impart words of wisdom upon the angel – find peace. 

Later, we see Fiore mull over these words. SOK shows up in his dressing room, demanding to know where Jesse went. Fiore tells him about New Orleans, and that he has one last job for the cowboy. 

That night, during Fiore’s magical act, a bullet pierces the angel’s chest and knocks him backward into a chair. Our Saint of Killers launched said bullet. We know that he killed DeBlanc, so angels can die by his hand. The audience waits with baited breath for Fiore to reappear, alive and well. They begin to boo when they see nothing of the sort, not believing that the body onstage is a dead one. 

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Now, onward and upward! This juicy little promo should be enough to whet your appetite for the next week. We open with Jesse (Dominic Cooper) watching a jazz act perform in New Orleans. Tulip (Ruth Negga) remarks that they never should’ve driven to NOLA in the first place. Her boss Victor is there. Meanwhile, Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) runs into a blast from his past. Good or bad, that’s to be determined. Then, we finally see Arseface (Ian Colletti) being detained in some kind of prison in, presumably, Hell. Later, Jesse meets a mysterious woman (Julie Ann Emery) who might be able to aid them in their search for The Almighty. He realizes that they’re not the only ones who know he’s missing. 

My friends, enjoy the promo below. Savor it. Luxuriate in it. Then report back next week to continue the roadtrip, courtesy of Preacher.

Preacher airs Mondays at 9/8c on your AMC affiliate. 

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