Watchmen just got a whole lot more interesting. According to /Film, they learned the very important role that Jeremy Irons is set to play. Additionally they learned that Jean Smart has joined the production in another curious role. As more news leaks out, the more intriguing this series becomes. So just what have we learned?

According to the article, Jeremy Irons will be playing an older version of Ozymandias. Yes, you read that correctly. Irons will be playing Adrian Veldt aka Ozymandias aka the guy that almost ended the world. Irons role was originally said to be an “aging and imperious lord of a British manor”, so retirement might be serving him well. Since production is holed up tight, we don’t know the extent of his role in the series but you can bet it’s going to be imperative to the plot.

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Further circulating curiosity is Jean Smart. She has been cast as an FBI, only currently known as Agent Blake. A last name that may peak fans interest. For those of us who don’t know as much of Watchmen lore, a vigilante known as The Comedian was named Edward Blake. His murder set off the events of the Watchmen series. It’s curious because the character became somewhat of an informant to the government and now we have a Blake working with the government. Apparently, she’s tasked with “tracking down vigilantes, which makes sense in a world where superheroes have been outlawed”. We’ll have to keep our eyes on her.

What do you think of the news? Are you even more excited for Damon Lindelof‘s series or more nervous? Let us know! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more Watchmen news. The HBO series is said to debut sometime in 2019. 



Erin Lynch