Prolific actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast as scary sociopathic villain, Negan, in AMC’s The Walking Dead. Without giving away any spoilers, because there are a lot with this announcement, the character of Negan in the source material is the leader of another society of survivors called the Saviors who are basically huge bullies. Negan is brutal and strict with his group and other survivors and has a barbed baseball bat named Lucille.

The search has been long for an actor to play this brutal character. Some rumors even had Jon Hamm in contention. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an excellent choice and I’m already scared because (ever so slight spoiler ahead) it looks like we got a glimpse of the Saviors at the end of the most recent The Walking Dead episode, ‘Always Accountable’ and that just means……. Gah! So much! The character of Negan will appear in the Season 6 finale.

Fun Fact: The look of Negan in the comic series was based on Henry Rollins.

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