Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes took to the internet today to share some pretty awesome news. On January first they told us we were finally getting to see a Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back reboot/sequel/remake. Today we learned that Saban Films has picked up the rights for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and the film was given the green light! Filming is set to start in New Orleans on February 25th, an exact year after Kevin’s near brush with death. It has been almost twenty years since we saw these two New Jersey locals travel cross country to fight for the greater good and it sounds like we are going to see them doing it all over again.

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They also announced that the fan owned entertainment company Legion M has joined Hideout Pictures and Skitbags Entertainment as equity financing partners. This means that every member of Legion M is now apart of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Kevin Smith has worked alongside Legion M on other projects including their VR series, Icons: Face to Face and the upcoming Excelsior! tribute for the late Stan Lee. Jason Mewes did a great job (his only job so Kevin says) in reminding us to ‘Join the Legion!’. And you can! You can either join for free or invest in their fourth round which is open until February 9, 2019. You can find all the latest info here for both programs. Kevin also mentioned on his Facebook post to keep a look out for future casting calls so you can join in on the fun! 

Check out Kevin’s post and the announcement video below!



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