Justice League is coming out so soon! All the characters we’ve been working towards seeing are joining together and we can’t wait. Whether it’s good or not will be another thing – but in the mean time, we can talk about the DCEU. And during the premiere, we learned the universe is closer than the films let on.

When speaking to DC All Access at the premiere, actor Jason Momoa was able to confirm his appearance in a previous film. The film that started it all, to be precise. While it had been an ongoing fan theory, it appears his appearance is confirmed! That’s right, Man of Steel had an Aquaman appearance. 

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I’ll give you a cool little thing that’s not in this movie, but that Zack told me for Aquaman. In Man of Steel when Henry [Cavill] is saving the oil rig and he’s holding that up, and all of a sudden he kind of floats up on the ocean, he’s [Zack] like ‘I had Aquaman save him so that they did cross paths at one point.’ So then when Bruce goes ‘You ever heard of… Superman?’ I have met him and we have crossed paths.

The fan theory is a little different though. When Superman is rising up from the ocean, people believed Aquaman had sent a whale to raise him. Now whether or not that is still the cast, it’s not quite clear. But we do know that the Atlantean helped the Kryptonian before he even began his quest to save the world.

What do you think of the confirmation? Is it cool or does it not matter for you? Let us know! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more fun DC news. Justice League comes to theaters this Friday! 

Erin Lynch