The latest Fist of the North Star smartphone game is here. This game faithfully recreates the original story from the first episode and is the best way to feel the “Special Moves of the North Star” to the fullest.

HOKUTONOKEN (Fist of the North Star) is a legendary anime that originated from a comic magazine called Weekly Shonen Jump, which was published in Japan from 1983 to 1988.

In Japan, games with real money at stake have become popular now, as you can see on this site. But online games based on very popular anime have remained steadfast in their popularity even decades later, supported by their core fans.

Set at the end of the century, when civilized society has been lost and Evil rules the world, it is a very popular story in which Kenshiro, the lore holder of the Hokuto Shinken, grows up while carrying love and sorrow and playing the role of a savior.

The TV anime and the movie version aired at the time were one of the most popular comic books in Japan, and even the supporting characters became heroic and popular, becoming a social phenomenon.

Main characters

  • Kenshiro: The 64th successor to the Hokuto Shinken, who continues to win battles while traveling the world in search of love. He has seven scars on his chest in the shape of the Big Dipper.
  • Shin: The one who caused the seven scars on young Kenshiro’s chest. He stole Kenshiro’s fiancée, Yuria, and can be considered Kenshiro’s sworn enemy.
  • Yuria: Kenshiro’s fiancée. There are many characters who have feelings for Julia, who is like a madonna in the story. Yulia is a woman who has been diagnosed with a disease and is spending the rest of her life Obey her fate.

Special presentation

This RPG-type battle game has produced many fierce battles and famous scenes, and faithfully recreates the famous scenes that have been etched in the memories of core Hokuto fans.

One of the ways in which this has been reproduced is through the use of “dramatic effects” in battle.

When Kenshiro wins a battle, special effects may be played. You can play the game as if you were reading a comic book, with scenes from the original anime appearing on your smartphone screen.

The most notable scene is when Kenshiro defeats Raoh with “Kenshiro Musou Tensei”.

In the scene where Kenshiro unleashes his special move “Musou Tensei” for the first time in the Tower of the South Star, you can see the scene recreated from the frames of the original work on your cell phone screen.

Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE, which has been downloaded over 2 million times, has attracted a lot of attention from fans through its collaboration event with “Street Fighter”.

Characters such as Ryu and Vega, the main characters of “Street Fighter”, have joined “Hokuto Revive” and attracted players with bigger battles. The dream collaboration between “Street Fighter” and “Fist of the North Star: LEGENDS ReVIVE” has raised expectations for the next collaboration.

















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