Recently,Star Trek: Voyager fans have been ecstatic about seeing their favorite captain return as a hologram in Star Trek: Prodigy. Now they are learning that Kate Mulgrew is out there again bringing Captain Kathryn Janeway to yet another fantastic project. My very strong cup of coffee and I approve!  

Star Trek Online just announced brand new content for their MMO titled Shadow’s Advance. Kate Mulgrew will be voicing Janeway in the game, in more than one form. It will be Janeway’s first appearance in the MMO. But that’s not all, Star Trek fan favorites Mary Wiseman (Tilly on Star Trek: Discovery) and Chase Masterson (Leeta on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) have also joined the adventure. To make this even more fun, we will be seeing these characters’ Mirror Universe counterparts. 

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star trek online shadow's advance

Star Trek: Voyager has been represented in Star Trek Online, however, Mulgrew’s Janeway is making her first appearance in the MMO. In fact, Mulgrew is pulling double duty and voicing two Janeways. Players will have Janeway represented in the Prime Universe trying to figure out why the Terrans have invaded Jupiter Station and, also have Janeway from the Mirror Universe. Wiseman will reprise her entertaining Captain Sylvia “Killy” Tilly from Discovery and Masterson will portray Admiral Leeta. 

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Check out the trailer below and steel yourself for the final image of Janeway!

Team up with Kate Mulgrew as Katherine Janeway, Mary Wiseman as Captain Silvia “Killy” Tilly, and Chase Masterson as Admiral Leeta, in the newest story update to Star Trek Online! The Terran Empire has invaded Jupiter Station. Can you uncover the secret why?

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