Logan hits theatres in just a couple more weeks. Thus far, the promise of the film is that this is Hugh Jackman‘s last hurrah as Wolverine and the buzz around the film has been mostly positive.

Today Slashfilm released an interview they did with director James Mangold. Asked about his influences for the film, Mangold said that the center of the film, for him, “how do I construct a film that confronts Logan with what he’s most frightened of?” He went on to say that this isn’t the biggest supervillain or “the destruction of the planet, or even the end of his own life, but love. Intimacy.” The question for Mangold was “how do I put him in the most uncomfortable position by the end of the first act?”


His answer — “caring” — both for an ailing father in Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and for a daughter in Laura Kinney (Dafne Keen)

This is where things get interesting as Mangold describes Logan’s plight with Professor X as “caring, reluctantly, for an ailing father, and suffering through a dead-end job, trying to buy his meds, trying to keep him from hurting anyone else when he has the world’s most powerful brain, and Charles has a degenerative brain disease.”


Though we’ve seen footage in the trailers that suggests Professor Charles Xavier may be losing control of his powers, this is the first instance we’ve heard of him having “hurt” people in the past. This, of course, raises the question of was he directly responsible for his team, The X-Men, breaking up? If you’ve read Old Man Logan, than perhaps you’re wondering what we are — did Professor X accidentally convince Wolverine to — do that spoiler-y thing that he did in that comic (that we are trying to not spoil for you here — just go read Old Man Logan).


If Xavier is having fits with his telepathy, that might explain why Logan is keeping him so remote and away from other people. Our guess is that he ends up taking out more than a few of Donald Pierce’s Reavers as well.
Logan & X-23
Mangold went on to add that Logan is “also being confronted with a daughter, and having to decide whether he’s actually going to play a role in her life and protect her, and care for her.” What’s interesting here is that Mangold refers to the character of X-23 as a “daughter;” not a surrogate daughter or metaphorical one, but an actual daughter. There have been some rumors for a few weeks now that it’s entirely possible that Laura Kinney is actually Logan’s daughter, not a clone, which would make their dynamic that much more strained. But, of course, we’ll all have to wait until the film hits theatres to really learn that truth.

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