We’re just two weeks out from getting one of the most anticipated films of the year — Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which will see our lovable A-holes in space saving the galaxy once more. If what we hear is true, there will not be any mention of Thanos or Infinity Stones a this film is completely focused on the family element of the team growing to love each other.

There’s no doubt that James Gunn has a very solid grasp of this film and this franchise and that, obviously, makes him the ideal candidate to continue taking the franchise into the future with a third film. However, Mr. Gunn needs to have his head, heart and soul all in the right place in order to make the third film. Thankfully, as of today, it appears that our prayers to The Beyonder have been heard.


This morning on his Facebook, James Gunn said, “…yes, I’m returning to write and direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.”

He said this in the midst of a long post he wrote talking about his decision-making process for jumping into a third film with the Guardians. As he says in his post, he “… needed to know it was, in my heart, what I truly felt called to do.” He’s fully aware of the dreaded “history in Hollywood of haphazard endings to trilogies,” and, rightfully so, he didn’t want to contribute to that He did not want to see his legacy go from an incredible film in X-Men 2 to a very not good one in X-Men: The Last Stand. As he says, to keep this from happening, he “couldn’t do it for the money, and couldn’t do it because it was what other people wanted me to do. I needed to do it because it was what I needed to do.”

We encourage you to read his entire post in his words as it is exceptionally gracious and loving and shows just how far gratitude and the right approach will take you.


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