In honor of Disney’s live action movie, Beauty And The Beast, opening this weekend, James Corden gathered three of the stars to help him out with this amazing performance.


Josh Gad, Dan Stevens and Luke Evans joined The Late Late Show host by performing snippets from the movie, on a crosswalk right outside CBS Television Studios in Los Angeles.

With a lively ensemble behind them, they performed the musical numbers Belle, Gaston, Be Our Guest with Gad appearing as Lumiere. They capped the performance with Dan Stevens and Corden dancing to Beauty And The Beast.

My favorite part is how nonplussed Los Angeles drivers appear when faced with full out musical numbers, while they wait at the light. I would have hopped out the car to join in. It is also my humble opinion that Corden is killing at the late night game. The sketches and segments are always on point, from Carpool Karaoke to Crosswalk Musicals to Acting Out famous guests careers, on top of his quick wit and obvious joy, his is always a show to look forward too.

Beauty And The Beast is in theaters nationwide now.


Claudia Dolph
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