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DC is ALIVE this week! We get news of a Wonder Woman director and, just hours before that, we get this rumor from Variety that Jai Courtney, star of Terminator: Genesys and Divergent, is being looked at to take the role of the super popular anti-hero Deadshot. He was originally a Batman villain but was then brought in to the Suicide Squad stories very early on.

Deadshot is not necessarily anyone special; he doesn’t have any super powers, but he’s still infinitely dangerous as he never misses his target — Deadshot, it’s not just a clever name.


Divergent and Terminator: Genisys actor Jai Courtney is in discussions with Warner Bros. for a major part in 2016’s Suicide Squad, according to a report late Wednesday from Variety.

Suicide Squad is currently slated to come out in 2016, directed by David Ayer.

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