Those who watched Succession are extremely familiar with the name Gerri Kellman. Whether they loved the General Counsel, her interests, and her relationship with Roman Roy, or they were on the fence about this character, everybody talked about her episode after episode. Originally, Kellman’s character was supposed to be a man, but J. Smith-Cameron changed the game and turned Gerri into a female character who went from being in the script for four episodes to becoming a series regular.

Smith-Cameron’s talent inevitably shined through all four seasons of the show, and she has a prolific career to support her skills. Although she is predominantly a stage actor, a long list of TV shows and movies make up her successful filmography. If you want to dip your toes into her career, here are seven projects you should watch.

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J. Smith-Cameron resting her head on her hand and wearing a white shirt.

Between 2013 and 2016, for four seasons, J. Smith-Cameron became Janet Talbot on Rectify. The show tells the story of a young man imprisoned for almost twenty years for the murder and rape of his girlfriend. Nearly two decades later, DNA evidence shows he might be innocent.

The thirty episodes of the show follow as Daniel Holden adjusts back to reality and his family and lawyer fight to clear his name. Smith-Cameron plays Holden’s mother, and with every scene, one can feel how guilty this woman has felt her entire life for what happened to her son. With a famous emotional support handbag and the desire to renovate her kitchen, Janet Talbot becomes one of the most likable characters on the show.

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Waco: The Aftermath

J. Smith-Cameron wearing a long black wig and rounded glasses.

On Waco: The Aftermath, J. Smith-Cameron plays Lois Roden. This woman was an American religious leader (some considered her a prophetess) in charge of the Branch Davidians when Vernon Howell arrived. The series explores what happened after the Waco standoff.

The five episodes of the show explore what happened after the standoff at the Branch Davidians and the events that led to the creation of the Patriot movement responsible for a terrorist attack in Oklahoma City. Smith-Cameron was joined by Michael Shannon, Keean Johnson and Abbey Lee, among others.

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The Year Between

J. Smith-Cameron driving a car.

The Year Between is the story of a college student who has to drop out of school after being diagnosed with a mental illness. Like in many of her other projects, J. Smith-Cameron plays the mother. Although the same could be said for Gerri Kellman, she wasn’t the typical mom previously played by her.

In this movie, she is joined by Steve Buscemi, David Brown, Wyatt Oleff and Alex Heller.

Search Party

J. Smith-Cameron sitting on a chair in a black dress and glasses.

Search Party follows the story of four young individuals entangled in a mystery when someone they used to know in college disappears. J. Smith-Cameron plays the role of Mary Ferguson, a politician.

If fans were entertained by Roman Roy’s storyline in which he sent Gerri Kellman inappropriate photos, they will be entertained by Smith-Cameron’s character being the one who sends said photos this time around. In the end, as a politician, she has to face the consequences of her actions.

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Law & Order Franchise

J. Smith-Cameron looking sad on "Law & Order."

How often have you found yourself watching a movie or a TV show and trying to figure out where you know an actor from, only to realize they have been a part of the Law & Order franchise? If that happened to you while watching Succession, you wouldn’t be surprised to know J. Smith-Cameron has been a part of seven different episodes across the several shows belonging to this Dick Wolf Universe.

Smith-Cameron has played seven very different characters each time, appearing on Law & Order: SVULaw & Order: Criminal Intent and the mothership series. From being the criminal to portraying an aunt who knew the truth about her niece’s assault but kept it a secret, Smith-Cameron has shown her wide range with every episode.

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Anna Paquin standing next to J. Smith-Cameron.

In Margaret, written and directed by Smith-Cameron’s husband Kenneth Lonergan, she plays yet another mother. This time, she is an actress, and the relationship with her teenage daughter seems a little too complicated as they both navigate life.

The movie follows the story of this young girl as she witnesses a car accident that leads to the death of a woman. Whether it is because she feels guilty or wants justice, she comes together with a friend of the deceased to get justice.

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The First Wives Club

J. Smith-Cameron with curly hair and glasses.

When it comes to The First Wives Club, Smith-Cameron’s role is small, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that her talent was already palpable. But even if you decide to watch the movie for her short scene, you will be rewarded with a classic masterpiece.

Like she did when portraying Gerri Kellman, J. Smith-Cameron plays a lawyer. This time, she is the lawyer of one of the husbands, helping him get the most out of his ex-wife.

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