DISCLAIMER: This iZombie recap contains more spoilers than the number of times Liv has wiggled herself out of near-fatal scrapes. Hey, our favorite undead morgue attendant loves to live her afterlife on the edge. You’ve been warned. Prepare for the zombie apocalypse, and enter at your own peril. 

Welcome back, zombies of New Seattle! iZombie aired its season finale this week, tying up loose ends and leaving few questions hanging in the balance. Honestly, it could have served as an iZombie series finale, but I know the CW has already renewed the fan favorite for a fifth and final season. Major, Peyton, Clive and Ravi all came together to save Liv from a very public execution courtesy of Chase Graves. Thankfully, Liv made it out physically unscathed thanks to Major going into “rage mode.” Unfortunately, Levon wasn’t so lucky. Meanwhile, Clive and Bozzio tied the knot at the precinct, which felt very Brooklyn Nine-Nine to me. Now, the wheels are turning in the ol’ noggin on what a potential crossover of the two series would look like. Clive would despise Jake, but love Amy. Bozzio would definitely bond with Rosa. Okay, I’m getting off track here. 

Alright, ready to delve into “And He Shall Be a Good Man?” Just be sure to give Major ample time to adjust to his cushy new position as Commander of Filmore-Graves. He has a lot of Chase policies to undo. 

We open with Ravi (Rahul Kohli) watching the news with rapt attention at his home. Apparently, the talks to save New Seattle in D.C. were a bust, and now the government plans on cutting off all brain supplies to the city. Ravi phones Peyton and reaches her voicemail, so he leaves a message tinged with desperation, pleading with her to stay in D.C. All hell is about to break loose once the zombies are denied their brain rations. 

Next, Suki (Melissa O’Neil) knocks on Ravi’s door and enters with news of Liv and Levon’s joint public executions. Ravi launches into action mode and hopes to convince Chase to spare Liv’s life. He pays Jordan (Jade Payton) a visit, who’s still resting from her injuries in Major’s room. He informs her of the government’s intent on squashing all brain tube deliveries to New Seattle. Jordan, fearful for her family, heads home to see to her younger brothers. 

Then, Ravi receives a surprise visit from none other than Peyton (Aly Michalka) herself. Both engage in some hot ‘n heavy horizontal tangoing. Ravi admits to believing he’d never see Peyton again, and my heart swells for these two crazy kids. Anyway, he informs her of Liv and Levon’s impending executions and she too launches into acting Mayor action mode. Wonder Twin powers, activate!

Meanwhile, Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) and Bozzio (Jessica Harmon) are canoodling in bed, enjoying some seclusion from the chaotic outside world. Clive notices that Ravi is incessantly calling him, and our favorite detective refuses to answer. This is his time with Bozzio, the woman he loves and will soon call his wife. I love how happy Clive is. Finally, Ravi phones Bozzio and the latter picks up. She promptly hands the call over to Clive. It’s then that Clive learns of Liv’s fate. 

Later, Major (Robert Buckley) calls Jordan from a horse-themed hotel room and asks her for a favor. So many phone calls in this episode! They should all really invest in group texting. Saves data and informs the appropriate members of the group regarding crucial events in one fell swoop. Boom! 

Next, Jordan arrives home to find her two younger brothers essentially foaming at the mouth for brains. She tosses them one brain tube each, but they clearly need more to stay healthy. Of course, with the government cutting off brain rations entirely it won’t be long before the undead will turn to humans for sustenance. 

Meanwhile, Liv (Rose McIver) is brought in for interrogating courtesy of her ex-beau Justin (Tongayi Chirisa). Remember that guy? She briefly interacts with Levon (Daniel Bonjour) prior to the interrogation, and the two profess their reciprocated love for each other. Levon also urges Liv to not give Filmore-Graves what they want, which is more Underground Railroad names to add to their execution list. Liv is smacked around by Lambert (John Emmet Tracy), but Chase (Jason Dohring) swoops in and demands they cover her facial injuries with makeup. Why? Because she’s about to bid her farewells to her friends, and heaven forbid they discover that Filmore-Graves is physically abusing Liv. Well, they are going to execute her. 

Later, Chase brings Liv into his office. Peyton, Ravi and Clive are all waiting for her. Chase only gives Liv one minute to say goodbye to her friends. However, she could give herself more time with her loved ones if she drops more Underground Railroad names. But, Liv being Liv, she remains mum on the subject. She hugs Clive tightly and whispers about the documentary Levon shot regarding Renegade’s work. She beseeches Clive to release it to the public. Then, she urges Ravi to eat Isobel’s brain, as she won’t be able to now. Lastly, she has a tearful goodbye with Peyton, and the latter vows to fight for her undead friend. I have to stop cutting onions while watching iZombie

Pictured: Rahul Kohli, cwtv.com

Then, Clive and Ravi stake out the place where Chase plans to execute Liv and Levon. Apparently, people are already camping out for the event. They run into Major, who’s currently sporting a rather chic hobo disguise. Our gang formulates a plan for safely rescuing Liv and Levon while in a public space. 

Meanwhile, Hobbs (Adam Greydon Reid) shows Chase the documentary that Levon created and Clive released. So far, it has 200,000 views. The hope is that enough people will side with the Underground Railroad and protest the execution. Liv and Levon were striving toward a peaceful coexistence between humans and zombies, not one fraught with hatred. Chase and Hobbs decide to move the execution to another, more discreet location – a warehouse that’s only open to Filmore-Graves associates. Oh, and it’s now three hours earlier than previously. This, of course, puts a wrench in our gang’s rescue mission. But, Chase wouldn’t want Liv to be made out as a martyr, which is what the documentary is accomplishing. 

Next, Jordan pops in and beseeches Chase for double the brain tube rations for her malnourished little brothers. Chase refuses to oblige – that is, until Jordan reveals Major’s current location. We see a squad of Filmore-Graves soldiers bust down the door to Major’s hotel room, but Lillywhite is nowhere to be found. This must correlate with the favor Major asked of Jordan. 

Later, Angus (Robert Knepper) is expressing his pride for his son Blaine (David Anders) when Don E (Bryce Hodgson) brings in Crybaby Carl (Nemo Cartwright). If you’ll recall, Crybaby Carl was sentenced to freezing courtesy of Filmore-Graves for his crime of murdering a human. We see Lambert waltz in as well, and introduce himself as someone devoted to Brother Love’s cause. Blaine comments that the stars have aligned, and now it’s time to enact Operation: Brother Love. I just made up the name, but it’s quite catchy, no? Angus will lead the zombie forces, with the help of Lambert and his soldiers, outside the New Seattle borders. Then, they’ll wreck havoc on the United States and turn half the population into zombies. Brother Love records another video for his devoted followers and informs them of the mission at hand. 

Meanwhile, the gang learns of the updated time and new location of the executions. Peyton marches over to the set of Johnny Frost’s (Daran Norris) new show entitled Frost Bites, and it might just be the best show title of all time. As acting Mayor of New Seattle, she announces on live television the executions of Liv and Levon, and the new location for said executions. She urges the public to show up at the warehouse and protest this cruel act of martial law. Renegade was only trying to do the right thing. Johnny also leaves the set of his own show and joins Peyton for the impending protest. I’m there vicariously, folks. 

Next, Blaine and Angus are sitting in the former’s car, observing the horde of zombies running triumphantly toward New Seattle’s borders. Angus wishes to lead the charge, but Blaine urges his father to watch from the sidelines. A true General doesn’t participate in the mission. However, Angus is capable of making his own decisions. He murders a policeman riding a horse and promptly steals said horse. Then, he curses Blaine for his “cowardice.” We see Brother Love, hammer poised at the ready like Thor, burst onto the scene like a warrior in battle. 

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Meanwhile, journalists are on the scene, documenting the events at hand. A mass of US soldiers are ready to take on the zombie horde. Shots are fired as we see Brother Love’s zombie followers charging toward the soldiers. A collision of bullets and zombies in rage mode takes place. It’s all chaos. 

Now, the moment we’ve all been reticently waiting for – Liv and Levon’s execution. Both zombies are bound at the wrists with duct tape slapped over their mouths. We see the protesters lined up outside the warehouse. Peyton, Ravi, Clive and Major are on the front lines, attempting to break down the doors. Chase urges his soldiers to use whatever means necessary to deter the protesters. Levon is the first on the chopping block. Liv watches helplessly as her boyfriend loses his life. Thankfully, we don’t see the actual decapitation, but we can hear it. That’s enough. RIP Levon Patch, a dedicated member of the Underground Railroad and loyal martyr for what’s right. Have you noticed that many (and by “many” I mean “two”) of Liv’s boyfriends usually end up on the proverbial (and this time literal) chopping block?

Pictured: Rose McIver, cwtv.com

Suddenly, Clive slaps Major while they’re trying to break into the warehouse. Major goes into full rage mode, busting down the doors Hulk-style. He launches over the Filmore-Graves soldiers while the protesters barge inside, flying over their heads like Jessica Jones. That’s three Marvel references in the same article, folks. I’m on a roll. Anyway, he wrestles down Chase Graves before Liv gets the ax. Chase himself ends up on the chopping block, and Liv promptly releases the guillotine. Here lies the body of Chase Graves, dictator extraordinaire. Hobbs and company all gaze at Major for further instructions. Since Chase is gone, that means Major is now the head honcho. Someone just got a promotion! Major orders his forces to gun down the zombie forces wrecking havoc on New Seattle. 

Later, Blaine watches video footage on his laptop of Angus meeting his demise. He sure went out in a blaze of glory. Filmore-Graves soldiers join the US forces in quelling the undead chaos. Well, that ended quickly. 

Meanwhile, Liv lays on her bed, mourning the lose of Levon. Ravi reveals that Isobel’s brain isn’t a vaccine, but a true bonafide cure. Liv promptly decides she wants to take said cure. She’s ready to give up the mission and hang up her Renegade title. Liv confesses to Ravi that she doesn’t even remember the objective of said mission. This feels like a confession that was seasons in the making. Liv is essentially commenting on everything that’s occurred up to this point. 

Then, Major and Justin pay Liv a visit. Major reveals that she’s free to continue on as Renegade with zero resistance from Filmore-Graves. In fact, he encourages Liv to continue with the Underground Railroad. The only resistance she’ll encounter is from the government, the one hellbent on making sure New Seattle suffers. Liv feels resentment toward Major for kidnapping her – if he hadn’t, Levon may still be alive. However, Peyton tries to convince her that Major did everything in his power to save them both. I liked Levon, but Livajor forever. Forever and always. 

Next, we see Liv sitting in the morgue with Isobel’s brain in front of her. She’s about to consume it whole and morph back to the Land of the Living when she’s beckoned upstairs to the precinct proper. Clive and Bozzio are standing before a crowd, with Vampire Steve (Kett Turton) acting as a minister. Yes, this wedding is happening now! We need some happiness after the incessant slaughter that came before this moment. Bozzio ushers Liv over to be her Maid of Honor, while Clive chooses Ravi to be his Best Man. Bozzio and Clive exchange their own vows, which are sickeningly adorable. We learn that Clive is going to become a zombie for Bozzio, so the two can horizontally tango with no repercussions. The things one does for love.

After the touching ceremony, Liv approaches Clive and Bozzio with a solution to the “family” issue at hand. Clive desperately wants to be a father, and Liv decides to hand over Isobel’s brain to Bozzio. Now, Clive doesn’t have to become a member of the undead and Bozzio can be cured of her zombieism. The newlyweds hug Liv in a fierce display of tearful gratitude, and my heart just may burst out of my chest. Of course Liv sacrifices her happiness for the sake of others. She is a true martyr. I’m also glad that Clive will continue to be human. You need at least one token human on shows like iZombie.

Pictured: Rose McIver and Aly Michalka, cwtv.com

Meanwhile, Blaine is playing Russian Roulette with Candy (Carrie Anne Fleming) in his office. He’s poised on his desk shirtless while Candy spins around blindfolded with gun in hand, attempting to shoot Blaine well, wherever. Of course, Blaine is mourning the loss of his father. Don E barges in and kicks Candy out. They discuss the fact that the zombie revolution failed miserably, and now the properties they initially bought for “dirt cheap” won’t be worth anything if nobody leaves New Seattle. However, Don E encourages Blaine to sally forth. They’ll find a way to make all of this work in their favor. Blaine is Blaine DeBeers, after all. Zombie scoundrel extraordinaire. 

Then, Blaine and Don E are called into Major’s office at Filmore-Graves. Commander Lillywhite has a proposition for Blaine – smuggle in as many brains as humanly (heehee) possible. Keep the zombies of New Seattle well fed using any means necessary. In return, all of Blaine’s debts will be forgiven. Major goes on to say that Blaine and Don E will be regarded as heroes to the zombie populace. From villains to heroes? This could be interesting. Looks like the stars have truly aligned. 

Later, Liv and co. are camping out in the hotel room of the Underground Railroad headquarters. Liv is reminiscing of happier times with Levon. Peyton and Ravi lead her outside to the pool area where a swarm of humans and zombies are awaiting them. They all raucously cheer in tandem for Liv – humans and zombies coexisting harmoniously. Liv still has work to do, and the positive reactions from the large crowd around her is adding fuel to her fire. Long live Renegade. 

iZombie gave us a solid season finale, for the most part. My only complaint is the ease with which all of these loose ends were tied up. We spent all season working up Angus to be a huge antagonist, only to promptly slaughter him with one move. I would have liked to see the zombie horde spread beyond New Seattle’s borders into America proper, turning humans undead left and right. It would surely make for an interesting Season 5 arc. However, it would appear the Powers That Be want the focus to be on the primary iZombie players coming together to take on the government, which will presumably be the Big Bad next season. Highlights of this episode definitely include the Clive/Bozzio nuptials and Major going into rage mode to save Liv. I’m glad that Major finally saw the light in regards to who Chase actually was. 

Do you think the government will be the Big Bad for Season 5? Will Liv continue being Renegade in the hopes of perpetuating human/zombie peaceful coexistence? Will Liv and Major be endgame for the final season as I suspect they will be? Can we expect a Clive/Bozzio baby since both of them are now human? I guess we’ll have to wait till next year to find out!

iZombie will return for a fifth and final season in 2019 on your CW affiliate. 







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