DISCLAIMER: This iZombie recap contains more spoilers than the number of times Liv washes her hands after coming in contact with someone. She’s on germaphobe brain now, folks. You’ve been warned. Prepare for the zombie apocalypse, and enter at your own peril. 

Welcome back, citizens of New Seattle! We only have two episodes left of iZombie. Time flies when you’re consuming brains, y’all. This week, Liv went to town on a germaphobe brain, but that wasn’t the focal point of this episode. Ravi met Peyton’s parents, for one. Don E helped Angus film a video of him sermonizing that went viral. Clive and Bozzio broke up. Major finally brought Russ and his black market goons to undead justice. Chase went off the rails and shot Captain Seattle in the head. Isobel briefly reunited with her mother. Lastly, Isobel passed away, leaving our crew in a pit of despair. So much happened in this episode, so it’s perfectly acceptable that Liv’s brain-of-the-week wasn’t front and center. 

Alright, ready to delve into “Insane in the Germ Brain?” Just be sure to wear gloves while shaking hands with Liv. Skin-on-skin contact will send her spiraling. 

We open with Isobel (Izabela Vidovic) video chatting with her mother when her nose starts to bleed. Of course, her mother launches into formidable maternal mode and grills her with questions. Isobel merely shrugs the bleeding off, thinking it inconsequential. After the video call, Isobel decides to play a prank on our crew. Liv (Rose McIver), Levon (Daniel Bonjour), Peyton (Aly Michalka) and Ravi (Rahul Kohli) discover a seemingly lifeless Isobel in the living room. Of course, Isobel reveals she’s alive and well, but our foursome took the prank to heart. Death ain’t funny. 

Later, at the morgue, a flu-stricken Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) wheels in their next homicidal victim. Vince, dressed head to toe as the office HR Sheila, received a fatal blow to the head. Time for Liv to start munching! She whips up her signature brain-burger which, as usual, makes me question whether I’m fully human. 

Meanwhile, at Filmore-Graves, Chase (Jason Dohring) is holding his usual council meetings in his office. He informs his council that a large percentage of brain tubes aren’t making it to the distribution centers. Chase unveils a new safe-like device which, when tampered with, will send a signal detailing its location. He assigns Major (Robert Buckley) with the task of putting said device to the test. Technology, y’all. 

Pictured: Robert Buckley and Jason Dohring, cwtv.com

Next, Bozzio (Jessica Harmon) revisits the footage of Liv going to town on that Blue Cobra from the previous episode. She happens to catch Liv and Clive’s conversation leading up to the confrontation. Clive confesses to having kissed Michelle, and his desire to one day have biological children of his own. Bozzio, of course, is heartbroken at this revelation. This won’t end well for them. 

Later, Clive and Liv question their first suspect in the interrogation room – Sheila, from HR. Liv is in full germaphobe mode at this point. She’s wiping down surfaces, vigorously wringing her hands in hand sanitizer, avoiding physical contact – the works. Sheila reveals that Vince himself was an avid germaphobe. Liv is stricken with a vision of a man in the midst of discovering Vince’s true identity. He is disgusted to find that Vince is truly a man. Well, there’s your killer, guys. Go get him!

Meanwhile, Don E (Bryce Hodgson) has been dining on filmmaker brain and is inspired by Angus’ (Robert Knepper) teachings. He creates movie magic by filming one of Brother Love’s sermons, hoping to hit viral video status. The world needs to watch and learn from the Father of Zombies. I’m digging filmmaker Don E. 

Next, we see Peyton and Ravi are having dinner with her parents. Peyton’s father is brash and unfiltered, while her mother is more reserved. Ravi swoops in and stands up for Peyton when her father hits a nerve. Ravi, you are my hero. Anyway, Peyton reveals that she’s heading to Washington D.C. to hopefully save New Seattle from a potential nuking. Since Peyton is technically acting Mayor, this is all par for the course. Her father beseeches his daughter to stay in D.C. New Seattle is unsafe, and who knows what may happen with the tension rising between humans and zombies. Ravi reluctantly agrees with her father, and Peyton feels backed into a corner. Keep fighting the good fight, Charles!

Pictured: Rahul Kohli and Aly Michalka, cwtv.com

Later, Clive stops by Bozzio’s office, unaware that the latter is about to break things off. Bozzio wants the best for Clive, and she hopes he can harbor the family he’s always longed for. Of course, Clive is devastated. However, he’ll bounce back. My heart breaks for these two, as I’ve always loved them together. Here’s hoping their paths cross again someday. 

Meanwhile, Ravi pops by the morgue to check up on Isobel, and he finds her playing dead once again. She’s taken a liking to these seemingly innocent pranks. Clearly, she’s using humor to cope with her inevitable passing. Isobel urges Ravi to teach her how to drive, so she can check that off her bucket list. I’m loving the father/daughter bond between these two. 

Then, Don E puts the finishing touches on his Brother Love video. It’s finally ready for its grand unveiling. We see zombies all around New Seattle fervently watching said video on their phones. Zombies are being uplifted, inspired to take what’s rightfully theirs. A lone and hungry zombie observes a human father and daughter, hunger penetrating his gaze. Uh oh. Brother Love just ignited a revolution. 

Later, Isobel pulls the dead prank on Liv once again. After the initial scare, she reveals her desire for Liv to eat her brains once she actually passes. Isobel wants her memories to live on, if only temporarily, and with someone she trusts. Aw, this is like receiving a huge sum of money in a loved one’s will – the holy grail of gifts for zombies. 

Next, Clive and Liv bring in Sheila’s husband, who just so happens to be Crybaby Carl (Nemo Cartwright). He was the one who dealt the death-dealing blow to Vince’s head after he discovered how offended Sheila was by the latter’s costume choice. Crybaby Carl, I’m disappointed in you. 

Later, Liv discovers via Levon that the papers of a smuggled human “didn’t clear.” She dons her best Peyton apparel, brunette wig included, and pretends to be the acting Mayor of New Seattle. She marches down to the Customs office and feigns anger, claiming that Suki (Melissa O’Neil) is actually on her team. Liv really should have considered acting as a viable career. Anyway, once Suki is released we see that Isobel’s mother (Veronika Hadrava) is the smuggled human in question. 

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Meanwhile, Major visits Russ (Giacomo Baessato) and AJ (Tim Chiou) at the location containing the stolen brain tubes. Major beseeches AJ to allow him to join their operation. However, AJ is unconvinced, considering that Major is Chase’s lapdog. He forces Major to consume the brains of someone who can’t lie. Meaning, once Major eats said brains he’ll be completely unfiltered.

Well, there goes Major’s cover. But, not all is lost. Major reveals that everything is going according to the plan he concocted with Chase. They covered all their bases, apparently, and knew a situation like this would inevitably occur. Major reveals exactly what he has been up to – his mission to uncover the Filmore-Graves employee responsible for the missing brain tubes. 

Now, AJ brandishes his gun, pointing it at Major’s head. However, Major also reveals that he swallowed a tracking device. A plethora of Filmore-Graves soldiers burst into the warehouse, taking down both Russ and AJ in tandem. I’d call this mission a smashing success, fellas. 

Later, Liv arrives home with Isobel’s mother in tow. Isobel, of course, is up to her usual tricks, like pretending to be dead. Thankfully, her mother knows when her daughter is playing pranks. Isobel happily and tearfully reunites with her mother, all thanks to Liv and Levon. Can someone please stop cutting onions in close proximity to my eyes? 

Pictured (L to R): Izabela Vidovic, Veronika Hadrava, Rose McIver and Daniel Bonjour, cwtv.com

Meanwhile, Chase and his Filmore-Graves cohorts celebrate the success of their mission at The Scratching Post. Chase orders Don E to grab whatever his boys desire. However, not all is sunshine and roses. Captain Seattle (Jake Manley) and Jordan (Jade Payton) arrive with bad news. They inform Major that Russ snatched a weapon and fled. Chase is infuriated, but Major vows to take care of the situation himself. But Chase takes matters into his own hands and fires on Jordan. Captain Seattle retaliates by shooting Chase in the neck. Then, the Filmore-Graves CEO deals a fatal blow to Captain Seattle’s head. Major is horrified at the ensuing chaos. He cradles a still living (or undead, I should say) Jordan, as Chase storms out of the bar. Well, that escalated quickly. 

Next, we see a choir of zombies singing a melancholic chorus. Their singing provides the background for the Chase shootout scene. A gunman barges into the church and attempts to take down Brother Love. Tucker (Jaren Brandt Bartlett) swoops in and shields Angus from the raining bullets. We discover that the gunman was Tucker’s former friend. 

Pictured: Jason Dohring, cwtv.com

Later, Ravi arrives at Liv’s home, ready for Isobel’s driving lesson. Liv and Isobel’s mother are sobbing uncontrollably, and Ravi discovers that Isobel has actually passed. For real this time. He finds her lifeless body in Liv’s room, and breaks down at the sight of the young girl. Levon, Liv and Ravi seal up Isobel at the morgue. They watch a video of Isobel bidding farewell to Liv and Ravi, professing her love for her new friends. Tears flow, mine included. Isobel was such a welcome ray of sunshine on our bleak, pre-apocalyptic world. She will be truly missed. 

iZombie amped up the action this week, and finally seems to be back on track after a slight departure from the norm. Loose ends are being tied, and puzzle pieces are falling into place. Actions with severe consequences occurred. Brother Love’s video is now public, with Liv and co. finally privy to the gospel. How will this affect the events in the final two episodes? 

Do you think Chase will side with Angus in this war? Will Peyton convince D.C. not to nuke New Seattle? Will Major finally open his eyes to Chase’s true self? Join me next week as I continue to recap iZombie, here on Geek Girl Authority. 

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